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Image of the Day: Top of the Morning


Added to Chuck Jones' obvious mastery of the watercolor medium is his wit, humor and intelligence.  One of our favorite quotes from Chuck about kissing a woman's hand is:

"Hand kissing.  This is something I took up when I realized its character and intent.  A girl is a continuous thing, and it isn't because the hand-bone is connected to the arm-bone, the arm-bone is connected to the head-bone.  The skin of a girl's hand is connected by direct route and direct wire to her lips, the hand is like holding the end of a lariat, the business part is at the end.  So when the continental gallant kisses a girl's hand he is in effect saying what every sane woman wants to hear: "I'd like to kiss your lips."  Shaking hands is just silly, whoever heard of shaking lips?"

Image of the Day: Deck the Halls

Giclee126 copyright

Chuck Jones mastery of the watercolor medium was a result of his rigorous and formal training at the Chouinard Institute (now CalArts in Valencia.)  This watercolor is from a series Jones created during the 1940s and which will be featured here this week at Chuck Redux.  Watercolor and graphite on fine watercolor paper, 15.5" x 20.25".  It is available as a fine art reproduction on paper, edition of 99, click here for more information.