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Image of the Day: Soundstage


"Soundstage" a 16 field (13.5" x 33") pan cel art edition of 750

Chuck Jones on Pepé le Pew:  "If you can't do it yourself, animate somebody who can–Pepé le Pew, for example.   Pepé's sexual confidence is absolute.  he sees rejection as no more than a temporary setback, and every pursuit as an interesting variation on the road to inevitable success.  (For myself, as an eighteen-year-old I took every expression from every girl as a rejection.  If I couldn't find a rejection I liked, I would invent one.)

"Pepé is the individual I always wanted to be, so sure of his appeal to women that it never occurs to him that his attentions might be unwelcome, or even offensive.  I tried to make Pepé's confidence a part of my own personality, hoping to share in his sexual success.  On the screen it worked."