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SMILE & CAR Hit the Road Together at McPherson Magnet School

Reporting from Orange, CA: Chuck Jones Center for Creativity is pleased to have participated in the SMILE (Scientific Method Information Literary Enhance) and CAR (Credible Accurate Resources) programs at McPherson Magnet school (K-8) in Orange, California recently. Longtime friend of the Center, animator, art director, theme-park , and float designer, John Ramirez, was the special guest artist invited to discuss with the students the 12 Principles of Animation as they relate to the SMILE and CAR programs. 

If, like Chuck Redux, you're wondering what the acronyms SMILE and CAR mean, let us explain: The two acronyms are utilized to explain the method through which the students use the internet to search for accurate sources of information. (Long past are the days when anyone uses the library!) Instructor and educator Glen Warren along with the science teacher, Mrs. Conrad, have instructed the students to use animation and technology to present their findings.

The students are using animation (through PowerPoint technology) in a "something can be made from nothing" conceptual way. A representative from Google was on hand to teach the students how to get the most out of their internet searches. 

Best news: Glen Warren and the students from McPherson Magnet School were the 2013 OCDE Technology Showcase winners!

Hats off to the Center's Craig Kausen and John Ramirez for their participation and contribution to this exciting educational program. 

Kudos to the students from McPherson Magnet School and their teachers, Mrs. Conrad and Glen Warren for their winning entry! See a photo here: http://www.orangeusd.k12.ca.us/. 

New Art Class For Kids Begins January 9!

Artables–At the Center with Gina Latora!

It begins with glue and goes from there. There will be painting — not always with a brush — your child will be surprised at the 'tools' that are used as well as the 'paint'. Adult attendance is required; please wear your painting attire!

Cost per 5-week session: $50.00 per artist, plus a $15 (cash, due at first class) material fee. Ages 1 to 12 years old welcome. These are great classes for the whole family.

Classes begin January 9, 2013. Three different sessions to choose from!

10:45-11:45A   1/9/13 -2/6/13*

12:30-1:30P     1/9/13 -2/6/13*

1:45-2:45P       1/9/13 -2/6/13*

*If a class needs to be rescheduled (due to CJCC scheduling) during the session, the make up date will be 2/13/13

Gina Latora, artist and educator, has been providing art classes for children and preschoolers in Orange and Los Angeles Counties for over seventeen years. Her "Artables" class is particularly well-suited for preschoolers, and will also captivate children of all ages. The earlier a child begins to discover the world of art, the earlier they develop self-confidence and are able to articulate visually their own ideas. Email: artablesofginalatora@gmail.com

Classes held at:

Chuck Jones Center for Creativity
3321 Hyland Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Register at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, Call Sasha Advani to register your budding artists today! 949-660-7793 x107 or email: Sasha@ChuckJonesCenter.org

Special Guests Visit the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity


Craig Kausen (center,) chairman of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity along with Linda Jones Clough (Chuck Jones' daughter) welcome Warner Bros. animation director Matt O'Callaghan (far left,) Katherine Concepcion and art director Alan Bodner (far right) to the offices of the Center in Tustin, California.

O'Callaghan is the director of the most recent Warner Bros. theatrical short cartoons (in 3-D!) "Coyote Falls" and "Fur of Flying" (with a third one in the can and ready to be released with an upcoming Warner Bros. feature!)  If you haven't seen the cartoons yet, they are excellent.  Working within a 3 minute time frame, O'Callaghan and his crew created a modern, yet traditional animated film that was long on laughs and short on, well, it was too short, it was that good!

Alan Bodner, Matt O'Callaghan and Craig Kausen pause for a photo-op in front of Chuck Jones' custom animation desk at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity in Orange, California.  (And yes, that's a life-size cut-out of Chuck Jones on the left.)

Chuck Jones 'draws' Matt O'Callaghan.  "Animation is life." –Chuck Jones

Alan Bodner takes inspiration from Chuck Jones' animation desk at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity.  The Center is located at 131 W. Chapman (just a 1/2 block west of the Orange Plaza) in Old Towne Orange, California.  Drop-in & Draw classes are held most Saturday mornings from 9 AM to Noon. Materials charge is $10.00 for children 10 & under and $15.00 for everyone else.  Call 949-660-7793 for more information or email CreativitySeason@ChuckJonesCenter.org.  

Photos courtesy Katherine Concepcion.