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What Will Your Photobomb Be?

This is a big month for the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity!

Along with our participation in this year’s Festival of Children—be sure to stop by on Saturday, September 9 between noon and 4 PM at the Carousel in South Coast Plaza—we’ll have a fun, easy creative activity in progress—we have a great opportunity to win a $50,000 grant from Festival of Children Foundation by participating in their NCAM Photobomb Challenge. But we need your help!

During September, you can upload your favorite photobomb photo or video to indi.com/2017ncamchallenge and select the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity. If we are the first charity to win an “Indi Buzz” score of 500,000 we will win the $50,000 grant to spread more CREATIVITY to the children who need it most.

SPREAD THE WORD! This is where you can help:

  1. Upload your favorite photobomb to indi.com/2017ncamchallenge and select Chuck Jones Center for Creativity.
  2. Create “Indi Buzz” around your photo or video by sharing on your social media. The more likes, comments, reposts, etc., the more the score will GROW!
  3. Want to get extra CREATIVE? Use the Looney Tunes characters and/or backgrounds shown below in this blog post to enhance your photobomb! Remember to include © Warner Bros. in your photo or video bomb if you do use these images.

You can share as many photobombs as you want. Use #NCAMCHALLENGE when sharing to stay connected.

We hope you’ll take advantage of this great opportunity to help the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity win $50,000 by exercising your genius! Thank you for helping us make a better, more productive and creative world.

Which Artist’s Work Will You Go Home with at this Year’s Red Dot Auction?

With less than two weeks until the Red Dot Auction, we wanted to share with you the stories of the artists who have donated art work (or in some cases, more than one) to this year’s Red Dot Auction. This fundraiser, now in its sixth year, benefits the programs of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity. Today we feature artist Bruce Berglund.

Bruce Berglund

Bruce Berglund started drawing by the time he could hold a pencil. One day Bruce’s mother noticed him ignoring a new coloring book she had just given him. When she asked why he wasn’t using it, Bruce commented, “I don’t want to color someone else’s drawings”. He started oil painting at age 12 and at college he pursued Advertising, and Graphic Design achieving degrees in both. In 1985 Bruce relocated to Southern California where his steady illustration work won him notoriety as one of the top illustrators in Orange County. Bruce went on to open his own design studio (Berglund Advertising Design) in Costa Mesa in 1989. A portion of his current commercial portfolio including: illustrations, logo designs, advertising and web concepts can be seen on his newly launched website:www.BerglundAdvertisingDesign.com. To view his oils (not yet displayed on his website), contact Bruce directly at: 714.545.4948.

Will you go home with Bruce’s work at this year’s Red Dot Auction? Be there to find out. Ticket’s available at ChuckJonesCenter.org/RedDot. Pre-bidding is now available at Heritage Auctions, click here to place your bids.