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Meet Your Mind–A User’s Guide to the Science of Consciousness

Chuck Redux stumbled upon To the Best of Our Knowledge website the other day and we were really taken by this series on the User's Guide to the Science of Consciousness, particularly the part on the neuroscience of creativity. There are six components that range from "Memory and Forgetting" to "Extraordinary Minds", each one is available as an audio interview accompanied by its transcription. Really amazing stuff, here's the intro to the series:

Your thoughts and feelings, your joy and sorrow….it’s all part of your identity, of your consciousness. But what exactly is consciousness? It may be the biggest mystery left in science. And for a radio show that loves 'Big Ideas,' we had to take up the question.  

In our six-hour series, you’ll hear interviews with the world’s leading experts – neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists, philosophers, writers and artists. We’ll take you inside the brains of Buddhist monks, and across the ocean to visit France’s ancient cave paintings. We’ll tell you how to build a memory palace, and you’ll meet one of the first scientists to study the effects of LSD.
How do our brains work?  Are animals conscious? What about computers?  Will we ever crack the mystery of how the physical “stuff” of our brains produces mental experiences?

What does science tell us about the most personal question of all:

Who am I?

Take some time and investigate. It's well worth your time.