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We Bid Adieu to Dean Diaz

Craig Kausen, president of Linda Jones Enterprises hosted a going-away party for long-time employee Dean Diaz today at the Lazy Dog Restaurant in Tustin. Dean, known for his droll sense of humor and bad t-shirts, has worked in a variety of areas for both LJE and Chuck Jones Enterprises. His depth of knowledge of all things Chuck Jones is equal only to his love of all things Chuck Jones. We'll miss Dean's skill with a camera (still and video) as well as his ability to identify a production drawing, citing title and date, from 20 paces (and with one hand tied behind his back and a patch over his left eye while standing on his head.) Dean's a great guy and we'll miss him!  

Craig Kausen, standing left, and Linda Jones, pose with Dean at the Lazy Dog.

Our waitress also got into the spirit and joined Dean in a round of "are you being served?"

At first there were nachos.

And then there were none.

Dean expresses his concern about the sustainability of decorative polystyrene food receptacles. It also held his dinner (he is, if nothing else, frugal.)

Scott dogs paw
And as if that weren't enough, Scott Dicken, VP of retail for Linda Jones Enterprises insisted on having his photo taken through a dog's paw cut-out. But ignore him, and join us in wishing Dean the very best future. Au revoir, auf wiedersehen, adios, ciao, baby, good-bye Dean!