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Archive Exhibit at Gallery

A selection of original vintage production art from Chuck Jones cartoons including layout drawings, scripts, backgrounds and exposure sheets will be featured at Art Partners Gallery in Schaumburg, Il as part of their exhibit, "Chuck Jones: Frame by Frame, An Animator's Story" opening Saturday, February 5th at 7:30 P.M.

Meet Craig Kausen, grandson of Chuck Jones, as he shares anecdotes about life with his grandfather, legendary Warner Bros. animation pioneer and four time Academy Award recipient, Chuck Jones.  Kausen will present a mini-Chuck Jones Film Festival that will include not only many of your favorite Chuck Jones cartoons, but also a selection of taped interviews with Jones.

This original layout drawing by Jones' 1963 short film, "Transylvania 6-5000" will be featured (graphite and colored pencil on 12 field animation paper.)

TRAN-01-001 copy

Here's a short clip from the cartoon, just to whet your whistle.  If you're in the Chicago area, please call the gallery at 847-517-5757 to RSVP for the show or go online to learn more by clicking here.


Image of the Day: Knight-Mare Hare

KNMA-01-013 copy
It's interesting, isn't it, when you get to see how a director works out the question of a blank reel of film?  That's what's happening here in this rough layout drawing for Chuck Jones's "Knight-Mare Hare" which rode into theaters on October 1, 1955 as Jones positions his characters for future movement.  

Besides Merlin wearing a beanie cap, I am tickled by the list of Bugs Bunny's royal friends in this cartoon:  Count of Basie, Duke of Ellington, the Earl of Hines, the Cab of Calloway, the Satchmo of Armstrong.  (It just makes me giggle.)

Boyhood Daze (Part 3)

BODA-01-087 copy
One of the hallmarks of a Chuck Jones cartoon is the articulate use of gesture and facial expression as evidenced in the above drawing of a monkey trying to point out the obvious danger facing the implacable hero, Ralph Phillips, in the 1957 short animated film, "Boyhood Daze."  Directed by Chuck Jones, this is one of his original layout drawings used to guide the character development, animation and story of the film by his amazing crew of animators (Abe Levitow, Richard Thompson, and Ken Harris.)  The brilliant designer, Maurice Noble, provided the graphic layouts for the cartoon. 

Image of the Day: Feline Frame-up

FEFR-01-001 copy

Original layout drawing (graphite on two-hole punch 12 field animation paper) by Chuck Jones for his 1954 short animated film, "Feline Frame-Up."  Starring Marc Anthony, the bulldog helplessly in love with a little kitten, and pitting him against the evil Claude Cat.  Bow-wowing in theaters on February 13th, it ends with Claude Cat's (you do get the pun, right?) confession and removal from the house.   

Image of the Day: What’s Opera, Doc?

WOD layout bugs horse 72 dpi

"What's Opera, Doc?" Chuck Jones' masterpiece of animated film-making is arguably the most famous and oft-cited cartoon in history.  As Jones tells it, his crew 'stole' time from other concurrent productions in order to produce this film.  With its magnificent scene design by the incomparable Maurice Noble and layout drawings, such as this one, by Chuck Jones, "What's Opera, Doc?" rode into theaters (and the hearts and souls of millions) on July 6, 1957. 

This layout drawing is part of Chuck Amuck, A Legacy of Laughter, opening Friday, February 26th at the Tempe Center for the Arts. 

Image of the Day: The Bugs Bunny Show

BBST-01-021 copy

The Bugs Bunny Show aired on ABC TV from October 1960 through September 1962 and was written and produced by Chuck Jones and Friz Freleng.   Both of them contributed layout drawings for the bridge animation (new animation that connected three Warner Bros. cartoons in each episode.)  This Chuck Jones layout drawing (graphite and colored pencil on 12 field animation paper) is from Episode #1575, 11/8/60; it was co-directed by Maurice Noble.