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Video of the Day: How to Talk to Children

Chuck Jones writes in Chuck Reducks how he learned from his
Uncle Lynn the best way to talk to children: as you would anyone you
encountered, with grace, humility, interest and understanding. 

He writes, "Never in all the years I knew him did Uncle Lynn ever
muss my hair or thump my head.  If he had something to say to me when I
was half his height, he would sit casually down in a chair, to be level
with me.  He never squatted to communicate with me or any child–a
demeaning gesture defining the difference in relative statuses.  He
never talked down, physically or philosophically, to any human being,
any dog, cat, or housefly.  He is the only person I ever knew who would
talk to caterpillars, reassuring them of their thrilling future as

Another problem with Uncle Lynn was that he made you think.  Most
other adults told you what to think, which of course wasn't thinking at

In the video below, Chris Scardino, one of our volunteer Teaching
Artists at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, discusses how he
integrates Chuck's philosophies into the classes he leads at the
Center.  (Video courtesy Nicholas W. Snyder of Chapman University,
Orange, California.) 

Exercise no. 4: Monologue Verite from Nicholas W. Snyder on Vimeo.