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Star Wars Tribute with James Coleman, Rodel Gonzalez, Rob Kaz @ Chuck Jones Gallery–San Diego

The Chuck Jones Gallery–San Diego will be the site for a “Star Wars” Art Tribute on Thursday, July 21 from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Our special guest artists will be James Coleman, Rodel Gonzalez, and Rob Kaz. RSVP required 619-294-9880.

James Coleman, known around the world as one of the pre-eminent Disney background artists, has, over the past several years, turned his eye to creating a rich and luxurious body of work that celebrates not only his work at Disney and his deep, abiding love for Hawaii, but also his fascination for the movies. His new interpretive “Star Wars” work brings together all of his loves and immense talent to bear on some of the most exquisite paintings and limited edition fine art prints of his career.

"Ewok Village, original painting by James Coleman, acrylic on canvas.

“Ewok Village, original painting by James Coleman, acrylic on canvas.

"Meditation", original painting by James Coleman, acrylic on canvas.

“Meditation”, original painting by James Coleman, acrylic on canvas.

Rodel Gonzalez is a rock star! No, it’s true, Rodel’s first career was as the lead singer for a rock band in his native Philippines. However, over the past few years, he’s turned his creative eye to painting. His interpretive work of the Disney Studio characters and “Star Wars” have become highly sought after by collectors. His innate talent as a narrative painter is one reason his work touches the hearts and minds of so many.

"Captain Phasma" original painting by Rodel Gonzalez, acrylic on canvas.

“Captain Phasma” original painting by Rodel Gonzalez, acrylic on canvas.

"Good vs. Evil" original painting by Rodel Gonzalez, acrylic on canvas.

“Good vs. Evil” original painting by Rodel Gonzalez, acrylic on canvas.

The young artist, Rob Kaz, charms with his whimsical story-telling abilities and vibrant palette of tropical colors. His wit and sharp intellect are apparent in his paintings, with their luxurious colors and dense shapes and forms. Although the shown “Star Wars” works are more monochromatic in palette, they still retain the fresh viewpoint of this young, up-and-coming fine artist.

"Hans Maneuver" original painting by Rob Kaz, acrylic on canvas.

“Hans Maneuver” original painting by Rob Kaz, acrylic on canvas.

"TR-8R" original painting by Rob Kaz, acrylic on canvas.

“TR-8R” original painting by Rob Kaz, acrylic on canvas.

Meet James Coleman, Rodel Gonzalez, and Rob Kaz at the Chuck Jones Gallery on Thursday, July 21 from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM, RSVP required: 619-294-9880. The gallery is located at 232 Fifth Avenue, in the heart of San Diego’s historic Gas Lamp Quarter, directly across from the Hard Rock Hotel, and one short block from the Convention Center.


Take Two! PEANUTS Producer Lee Mendelson Honored Guest at Chuck Jones Gallery–San Diego

PEANUTS Executive Producer, Lee Mendelson, Special Guest at PEANUTS™ Art Exhibition

San Diego, CA: The Chuck Jones Gallery, located in the center of the historic Gaslamp District at 232 Fifth Avenue, announced today that Lee Mendelson, executive producer of many of the beloved PEANUTS ™ animated television specials, will be their special guest, Saturday, March 15 from 6 to 8:30 PM, at the opening night reception for an exhibit of original production art from the classic PEANUTS ™ films. The event is free and open to the public. RSVPs suggested at 619-294-9880 or SanDiego@ChuckJones.com.

Mendelson’s career began in San Francisco at television station KPIX where he created public service announcements. His first production, a documentary on the baseball legend, Willie Mays, lead to his meeting Charles Schulz. The resulting documentary, Charlie Brown & Charles Schulz premiered in 1965. When Mendelson was approached by Coca Cola about producing a Christmas television special, he naturally thought of his friend, Schulz. A Charlie Brown Christmas aired on December 9, 1965 and began a 30 year-long relationship between the two.

Over 50 original works of animation art will be on display and for sale at the gallery through April 7th, many of them signed by Bill Melendez, the director of all of the PEANUTS™ specials up until his death in 2008.  Included in this exhibit will be “Get ‘Em Next Time” a three-panel fine art reproduction on paper of original layout watercolors by Bill Melendez; Mr. Mendelson will be signing this edition. As a special addition to the exhibit of PEANUTS works, art from other endelson/Melendez productions including the “Babar” and “Betty Boop” cartoons will be on view and for sale. Dedications are available, contact the gallery for details.

The exhibition will introduce “Triple Play” a limited edition fine art reproduction on paper, hand-signed by Lee Mendelson. See image below.

“We are thrilled to be able to exhibit these historic works of art,” said Kate Bowerman, the gallery’s assistant director, “each cel represents an actual moment of time, almost as if you were able to capture the character’s heartbeat in a painting. To evoke those special memories is wonderful.”

The Chuck Jones Gallery is the only gallery in San Diego devoted to the art of the animated film, representing not only the work of its namesake, four-time Academy Award recipient and legendary animation director and creator, Chuck Jones, but also art work by Dr. Seuss and all animation studios. Included in the ongoing gallery exhibits are original paintings and fine art editions by artists such as Mike Kungl, Bob Elias, Mike Peraza, Eric Goldberg, and Fabio Napoleoni. The gallery is open seven days a week from 10 to 8 PM, except on Sunday when they close at 6 PM. The gallery website is at ChuckJones.com. Chuck Jones Gallery, 232 Fifth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101.

Mr. Mendelson is available for interviews before the event. To arrange an interview or request images, contact Erin Liddell at 619-984-9880 or Erin@ChuckJones.com.


“Triple Play!”, a signed limited edition fine art reproduction on paper. Created from three hand-painted color-key panels; the concept art for scenes 57, 65A & 67 in the 1969 Academy Award-nominated animated film, “A Boy Named Charlie Brown”. Lee Mendelson, longtime producer of the Peanuts films, has endorsed this art with his signature.

Jones Family Gathering, the Past

The Jones Family Gathering is scheduled for September 21 through September 23 at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity. This “by invitation only” event is now in its 17th year and we’re looking forward to seeing some of the original collectors who attended the very first one at our gallery in Chuck’s home town of Corona del Mar in 1995 along with the more recent additions to the Family. This year’s event is going to be a spectacular spectacular! 

JFG 1995
At our first Jones Family Gathering, Chuck took the opportunity to embellish a tablecloth with a drawing that grew out of a spilled coffee stain and signed it L. da Vinci! He also created another drawing on one of the stable doors of Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner. It was amazing! He’d drawn a line, maybe two or three inches long and then turn to the assembled and comment about drawing or coyotes or road runners, or making cartoons, and then he turned back to the door and add another little line here and one there until the image was completed.


Here’s a photo with the back of collector Carol Erickson’s head. She’s stuck around so long she now works for us here in Costa Mesa! You’ll want to get the inside scoop from her when you’re here for JFG. 

The next year we held the Jones Family Gathering in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We hosted a Chuck Jones Film Festival at the Lensic Theater, and the Family got together for lunches, dinners, and lots & lots of laughs. Noted American sculptor, Paul Moore, even created a special award for Chuck, called the “Chucky” (see below) which delighted Chuck no end and all of us too. (Thank heavens for the discreetly placed sword!)


And on the last day of the weekend, we all got together for another group photo.

If you look close enough you’ll see some faces that, albeit a little older and a little grayer, are still here to welcome you to this year’s Jones Family Gathering. 

Remember, if you get in on Thursday the 19th, please stop by the gallery from 7 to 9 PM for a glass of wine (or a beer) and say hello. Otherwise we’ll see your smiling faces Friday morning at 10 AM sharp!

Lines Are Forming at the Chuck Jones Gallery–San Diego for the Release of the New Alex Ross Art

Line in front of gallery
There's no doubt in these collector's minds that the Chuck Jones Gallery at 232 Fifth Avenue is the place to be before, during, and after Comic Con. Today, the gallery releases new work, "Rough Justice" from DC Comics master artist, Alex Ross. Tonight, from 7 to 10 PM, meet contemporary Art Deco artist, Mike Kungl, and view his new mixed media works on paper, canvas, and board. They're awesome (see a sampling below)!

Kunglorig-9 copy

"Duck Dodgers" mixed media on board, 18" x 12", by Mike Kungl

Kunglorig-10 copy

"Gossamer Brand" mixed media acrylic on board, 14" x 11", by Mike Kungl 

Kunglorig-11 copy

"Rocket Squad" mixed media acrylic on board, 14" x 11", by Mike Kungl

Kunglorig-12 copy

"Pepe: Tour de Romance" mixed media acrylic on board, 12" x 18", by Mike Kungl

"Black Widow" mixed media acrylic on canvas, 40" x 30", by Mike Kungl

Contact the gallery for pricing and availability. 888-294-9880, SanDiego@ChuckJones.com or visit us at 232 Fifth Avenue, just one half block from the San Diego Convention Center 

Shop online at ChuckJonesGallery.com!

Chuck Jones Gallery Goes to the Dogs!

(And cats, birds, and iguanas, and tetras…etc.)

Celebrating the Gaslamp Quarter's Pet Parade

San Diego, CA–The Chuck Jones Gallery, 232 Fifth Avenue–in the heart of San Diego's famed Gaslamp Quarter–will host an open house on Sunday, December 13, 2009 from 1 to 5 PM in honor of the Gaslamp Quarter's annual Pet Parade.  Join Simon, the house dog, as the gallery exhibits never-before-seen Chuck Jones drawings of dogs & cats that he had known throughout his life.

SKDG-01-039 copy 

This remarkable collection of drawings, in a variety of media (including graphite, pen & ink, charcoal,) will captivate and delight pets and their guardians.  A special selection of the works will be featured in an upcoming limited edition portfolio of dogs (a companion to the 2001 "Cat Portfolio" also on display.)  Most of the works shown will be from the archive of Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and this will be their first public exhibition.

SKDG-01-048 copy 

Jones, known for his legendary career in animation and as the father of Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote plus a host of other Warner Bros. characters, was not only an avid lover of animals, but cared for and sheltered many dogs and cats throughout his 89 years, the most famous of which were Johnson the Cat and Teddy (a dog,) both of whom were immortalized in his autobiography Chuck Amuck and the sequel, Chuck Reducks.  He was also the creator of many of the most recognized cartoon dogs in animation history, including: Charlie Dog, K-9, Sam Sheepdog, Marc Anthony (all at Warner Bros.) and Max (How the Grinch Stole Christmas.)

SKDG-01-076 copy 

Along with refreshments for the humans, a special selection of treats will be available for the furred, feathered and scaled participants in the parade.  The Chuck Jones Gallery is the only gallery in San Diego devoted to the art of the animated film representing exceptional art not only from Warner Bros., but also from all major animation studios.  Included in the ongoing exhibitions are works by important international painters, sculptors and photographers. 

Grinch’s Green Wednesday Event Ends Today!

Last night driving home, we passed the local Wal-mart at about 10:30 PM and guess what?  The parking lot was full of people camping out in order to be first in line for today's sale!  Imagine! 

For fans and collectors of the art of Chuck Jones there's no need to camp out when an opportunity as unique as Grinch's Green Wednesday is still available.  But take note, this special ends tonight at 6:00 PM PST.  No need to drive in traffic and fight the thundering hordes of holiday shoppers, all you have to do is click on Grinch's Green Wednesday and follow your heart to this unique acquisition event.