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Chuck Jones: Drawn from the Far Side Exhibition to Open at Bowers Museum in April

The Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, California announced today that the exhibit, Chuck Jones: Drawn from the Far Side, will open on Saturday, April 26 and close August 3, 2014.

Celebrated as one of the greatest directors from the “golden age” of animation, Chuck Jones worked in the field some seventy years until his death at eighty‐nine in 2002. His passion for drawing was both work and full time hobby. He drew for a living, and he drew for pleasure and challenge.

This exhibit contains original drawings, most never publicly displayed, including a section of 50 so‐called “Doodles,” perhaps best described as coming from one artist’s very far side. The majority of drawings are from the private collection of Jones’ widow, Marian. In collaboration with the non-profit Chuck Jones Center for Creativity. For more information, please visit Bowers.org.