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Chuck Jones Gallery at Palm Springs Comic Con!

The Chuck Jones Gallery will have a booth at the Palm Springs Comic Con from Friday, August 25 through Sunday,  August 27. Comic Con Palm Springs will be held at the Palm Springs Convention Center, 277 Avenida Caballeros in Palm Springs. Tickets for Palm Springs Comic Con are available HERE.

The Chuck Jones Gallery will bring its roster of amazing master artists to the Palm Springs Comic Con. View works by four-time Academy Award-recipient and creative genius, Chuck Jones, as well as work from Mike Kungl, James Coleman, Rob Kaz, Rodel Gonzalez, and Fabio Napoleoni. Works will focus on Warner Bros. Looney Tunes, Star Wars, and other super hero work, including from the master himself, Alex Ross!

Featured at the Chuck Jones Gallery: Alex Ross, Original Works and Rare Editions

Throughout the run of Comic Con 2016, the Chuck Jones Gallery will feature the original work and rare editions of Comics master artist, Alex Ross.

Entertainment Weekly has said of his work, “Alex Ross brings to his work an unparalleled sense of the real. His heroes–both super and mortal–have weight; they exist in space, and that space is affected by them in ways never before seen on the page.”

"In the Light of Justice" fine art reproduction on canvas by Alex Ross.

“In the Light of Justice” fine art reproduction on canvas by Alex Ross.

Born in Portland, Oregon, and raised in Lubbock, Texas, Alex made his artistic debut at three when, according to his mother, he grabbed a piece of paper and drew the contents of a television commercial he’d seen moments before. By age 13 he was scripting and drawing original comic books. Ten years later? He was hired by Marvel Comics to illustrate Marvel’s central characters in the comic book event, Marvels (1994).

"Vampirella" original graphite drawing on vellum by Alex Ross.

“Vampirella” original graphite drawing on vellum by Alex Ross.

The “Mythology” series of fine art prints brings together the best loved comic characters in the world, brought to life by Ross, one of the most astonishing young artists working in the medium today.

"The Joker--Mythology" a fine art reproduction on canvas by Alex Ross.

“The Joker–Mythology” a fine art reproduction on canvas by Alex Ross.

This is but a small sampling of the incredible work produced by this prolific artist. “When we set out to celebrate Comic Con and our own 25th anniversary,” said Gallery Director, Michael Fiacco, “We immediately thought of the astonishing work of Alex Ross. It’s a pleasure to represent his immense talent during Comic Con 2016.”

The Chuck Jones Gallery is located at 232 Fifth Avenue in the heart of San Diego’s Gas Lamp Quarter. It’s directly across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel and just a short block from the Convention Center. Literally ground zero for the Comic Con street scene.

Lining Up at the Chuck Jones Gallery–San Diego for “Faces of Evil”

Fans and collectors of DC Comic art are in line to add DC Comics latest release, "Faces of Evil" to their collection. Available now at pre-publication pricing of just $1795.00 unframed (that price is good through Sunday, July 15 only), "Faces of Evil" (approx. 32" square) is the companion art to "The Faces of Batman" that was such a huge hit at last year's Comic Con, and will be signed by all of the respective artists. Order yours today for delivery in October. Call 888-294-9880 or write SanDiego@ChuckJones.com. Shop online at ChuckJonesGallery.com

Line in front of gallery 2
Don't miss out on all the fun! Join us at the Chuck Jones Gallery, 232 Fifth Avenue, just one half block from the San Diego Convention Center. 

Meet Artist Mike Kungl! Saturday at the Chuck Jones Gallery

IronMan Kungl      
Blk Widow Kungl

Meet artist Mike Kungl on Saturday, July 24 from 7 to 8:30 PM as the Chuck Jones Gallery–San Diego unveils and premiers his latest graphic work for Marvel Comics, Iron Man and The Black Widow! These beautiful new prints (24" x 19" fine art reproductions on canvas) will be available for dedication by the artist during the reception. 

This exhibit will also include work from the world of DC Comics, including new graphic editions from Alex Ross and Jim Lee.  For more information, call the gallery at 888-294-9880.