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Image of the Day: Persistence of Carrots

the Persistence of Carrots

In 1989 Chuck Jones created a series of original oil paintings whose themes sprung from artists that he admired.  He said at that time that it was one of the most challenging of works as he had to bend his artistic will to that of another artist in order to capture their brushwork and their intent.  Pictured is the original oil painting titled "Persistence of Carrots."  It will be featured at the exhibit Chuck Amuck, a Legacy of Laughter opening tomorrow night at the Tempe Center for the Arts in Tempe, Arizona.

The oil paintings Chuck Jones completed in this series were published as fine art lithographs that same year by the American Atelier.  Each was hand-pulled on 19th century French stone lithographic presses one color at at time.  You can learn more about that series by clicking on the image.