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The Egyptian Theater Gets Looney with Chuck Jones!

Terrific article by Susan King in today’s Los Angeles Times about the upcoming film tribute on Chuck Jones’s 101st birthday, Saturday, September 21 at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. She writes in part:

Linda Jones considered herself “incredibly lucky” to have had a father like Chuck Jones, the Oscar-winning animation director of Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies fame.

“He was probably the best father anybody could have,” said Linda Jones, an only child. “His father had a difficult time being a father, and he vowed he would never impose that kind of difficulty and challenge on a child.”

Her dad, she said, “was pretty much a 9 to 5 guy. He didn’t bring his work home with him.” Follow this link to read entire article.

LA Times 9162013

Celebrating Chuck Jones’ 99th Birthday

Thomas J. McLean of Animation Magazine has written a tribute to Chuck Jones in honor of his 99th birthday.  He's also included three cartoons, "What's Opera, Doc?", "Prest-O Change-O" and a Tom & Jerry short, "Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary".  To read his article and to watch the cartoons, click on this sentence.

A Special Message to Chuck Jones on his 99th Birthday

Today is my grandfather’s 99th Birthday.  Maybe some will say “But he passed away nearly 10 years ago, so it should be ‘would have been…’”  It is certainly true that he, the man, is no longer here, but he, the presence, the teacher, the giver of smiles and laughs is certainly still among us.

If he sat here before me today, I would tell him a personal Happy Birthday, but also tell him that his birthdays always meant a little more than just the cake and the attempts at getting him a gift.  What has always been so wonderful about Chuck’s birthdays to me is that it seems as though everyone celebrated it with him.  Whether it was at the Hollywood Bowl with 18,000 people singing him Happy Birthday during Bugs Bunny on Broadway, or showing his cartoons to packed house of 500 at Warner Bros. to celebrate his 85th or 88th, it was always a celebration of everyone’s joys in life. 

And even back when we were very young, we would gather at home to watch him blow out his candles (always the accurate number no matter how difficult it was to get them all on the cake), and to see how he might cut the cake this time.  Somehow he never cut that first piece quite the same.  Sometimes it might have been small, sometimes large, and sometimes a handful that would be delicately deposited on the adjacent plate.  

Regardless of the memory, the ever-present feeling was always that of joy and fun. And that is something that I can continue to celebrate until long after I cannot fit even one more candle on my birthday cake. 

Happy 99th Birthday, Chuck! 

With much love, Craig

Chuck and Craig
Chuck Jones with his grandson, Craig Kausen, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity.

News about the Chuck Jones Centennial Celebrations

"We have a major Chuck Jones exhibit opening this month at the Port of Portland’s International Airport that will be viewed by nearly one million travelers as well as an exhibition of original production art at the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio coming in November,” said Craig Kausen, “and also this November will be the grand opening of the Chuck Jones Experience at Circus Circus in Las Vegas, all of which we feel is a grand way to launch my grandfather’s centennial celebrations.”    

Jones, one of the fathers of Bugs Bunny and the creator of such iconic cartoon characters as Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner, Pepé le Pew and Marvin Martian, was born in Spokane, Washington, on September 21, 1912.  The four-time Academy Award recipient, including a Lifetime Achievement Oscar in 1996, enjoyed a seven decade career in animation and fine art, beginning in 1932.  His life and life’s work spanned the history of animation, from the first tentative steps of Gertie the Dinosaur, animated by Windsor McKay in 1912, to the brilliant CGI (computer generated imagery) of John Lasseter and Pixar Studios. 

Chuck Jones by Steve Banks 3 x 72 dpi

The Chuck Jones Centennial Celebrations will include a revamped version of the multi-media extravaganza “Bugs Bunny at the Symphony” created and conducted by George Daugherty, with planned appearances at Wolf Trap and the Kennedy Center in 2012 as well as with other notable symphony orchestras around the country.  The Center is working with its local Congressman in the hope that United States Congress will designate Jones’s birthday as National Chuck Jones Creativity Day in 2012.  


Happy Birthday, Chuck! A Letter from Craig Kausen

Today, September 21st 2010, would have been
my grandfather’s 98th birthday.  I have said all day that today IS
his 98th birthday rather than ‘would have been.’ To this day, I have
thoughts of asking him a question when I need some more detail about a film,
some insight into a business issue, or just to see what he thinks about a film
or a book.  Invariably it takes a beat or two for me to smile and remember that
he is not at the end of a phone call today.  However, I still gather inspiration
from what I learned from him all those nearly 40 years I am so grateful to have
had with him.  I hear him telling me “Don’t get into a pissing contest with a
skunk” as I ponder how to deal with a difficult business interaction or “always
take your work seriously, but never take yourself too seriously” when I feel
mired into the mud of life’s inevitable quagmires. Or I hear him yell
“Wahooooo!!!” when I finish something I’m proud of just as he did when I was
four and he jumped in the pool fully clothed as I swam for the first

I wrote in a letter to him when I was a child (and
quoted it again in a letter in 2000) that if they could give an Academy Award
for being a grandfather, he would certainly win that

I am blessed to have known him and to continue to be
inspired by him as a man, by his humor-filled view of life, and by the joy that
I see in oodles (that’s a big number in my mind) of people around the world over
many, many generations.

I celebrate his 98th birthday as a gift to
all of us, but as I know I have some of Daffy Duck in me, I celebrate the gift
most of all for me.