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William Shatner at the Chuck Jones Gallery–San Diego

During Comic Con 2015, on Saturday, July 11, William Shatner, the iconic actor most noted for his role as Captain James Kirk in the television series and the movies “Star Trek” slipped unnoticed through a back door of the Chuck Jones Gallery in San Diego and stepped into a room full of cameras, press, and VIP collectors.


He spoke to the crowd about the genesis of the “Man O’ War” cinematic graphic novel and its art program, cracked a few choice jokes, and then he, along with the team of artists responsible for the art for the “Man O’ War” cinematic graphic novel, took turns embellishing and signing one of the canvas editions available for sale that evening.




Chuck Jones Gallery presented Mr. Shatner with a hand-painted cel art edition of Pepe le Pew which he acknowledged was his favorite Looney Tunes character.

Mr. Shatner greets an admiring fan at the reception in his honor at the Chuck Jones Gallery in San Diego.

Mr. Shatner greets an admiring fan at the reception in his honor at the Chuck Jones Gallery in San Diego.

He then met with individual collectors and signed their recently acquired works of art from “Man O’ War” and graciously had his photo taken with them.


William Shatner seen here with Kate Bowerman of the Chuck Jones Gallery.

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And after all of the hoopla, the hand-shaking, signing, and smiling, Mr. Shatner just as quietly as he arrived, slipped out of the gallery and disappeared into the night.

Photos by Stephen Russo

Did You Know?

That Chuck Jones and Ted Geisel, AKA Dr.Seuss, were friends? Not only did they work together on US Military training films during WWII and two of the most beloved Dr. Seuss TV specials ever (“How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” and “Horton Hears A Who!”, they also maintained a friendly correspondence over the years.

Jones and Geisel focused 72dpi


Chuck Jones (L) and Ted “Dr. Seuss” Geisel at the recording session for “Dr.Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” from 1966.

The reason Chuck Redux is sharing this with you is that on Saturday, August 10th from 6 to 9 PM at the Chuck Jones Gallery–San Diego (232 Fifth Avenue, across from the Hard Rock Hotel), the exhibition “Hats Off to Dr. Seuss” will open. In among all of the fabulous, exotic, and crazy hats will be some of mail exchanged between these two titans of entertainment as well as never-before-seen story concepts for the TV special they produced, “Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat”.

So, grab your keys and drive yourself down to the Chuck Jones Gallery, 232 Fifth Avenue, San Diego (888-294-9880 or SanDiego@ChuckJones.com) on Saturday to view this exciting exhibition.

P.S. Much of what you’ll see will also be for sale!  Leave room in the trunk!

Chuck Jones Center for Creativity Launches New Website

We are delighted to announce that tomorrow, Saturday, March 24th, at 1 PM PDT, the new Chuck Jones Center for Creativity website will launch. This labor of love has had a multi-month gestation period and all of us here at the Center, along with the wonderfully talented and I might add, patient, website designer, Andrew 'Atlanta' Jones, are thrilled to be able to let our baby go out into the world tomorrow on its own.  

Of course, you'll discover that not every little nook and cranny has been filled with lucious, rich, exciting, amazing, delightful, and inspiring Chuck Jones content, but there's plenty to look at and explore and we promise that more is on the way. So, poke around tomorrow, enjoy the art and photographs, check out the Chuck Jones Filmography and drop us a note to let us know your thoughts on what we've done (and if you're so inclined, what we could do to improve it.) Click on the image below and start your journey or go to ChuckJonesCenter.org

Home page screen view

Don't forget that this year's spring fundraiser, the Red Dot Auction, will be held on Friday evening, May 11th from 6 to 9 PM at the Center's new location, 3321 Hyland Avenue, Costa Mesa, California. RSVP@ChuckJonesCenter.org and reserve 5 free raffle tickets (available at the front desk when you sign in the night of the event.) It's possible that 'Atlanta' Jones will have a work of art in the Red Dot Auction, who'd want to miss the opportunity to own it? Make sure you RSVP today!

The handsome and witty Andrew 'Atlanta' Jones, click on his image to read his blog.

Let the Bidding Begin! The Red Dot Auction Silent Auction Artwork

Seeing red because you can't make it to the Red Dot Auction on May 14?  Yes, you can place an absentee bid.

Guidelines for absentee bidding on art featured in the silent auction: 

1.  The Chuck Jones Center is accepting absentee bids by e-mail only to Pam@ChuckJonesCenter.org.  No telephone calls, please.

2.  We must receive your e-mail bid by 6:00 p.m. PST on Friday, May 13.  We will not honor late bids, telephone bids, or bids sent to any other e-mail address.

3.  Make your very best bid, as the high bid from the absentee bidding will appear on the silent auction bid sheet posted by the art on Saturday night.

4.  In your bid e-mail, please include:
     a.  Your first and last name
     b.  Your e-mail address
     c.  Your telephone number
     d.  Your billing address
     e.  The number(s) of the piece(s) on which you are bidding
     f.  The maximum amount you are bidding for each piece
     g.  We reserve the right to request a credit card number for preauthorization

5.  We will notify winning absentee bidders early next week, and will request prompt payment via the Chuck Jones Center's PayPal account.  If the winning absentee bidder does not pay within 48 hours, we reserve the right to offer the piece to the next highest bidder.  
Bidding begins at $100.00 and goes up in $50.00 increments.  Let the bidding begin!

Participating artists include:  Andrea AlvinKelly Asbury, Chris Bailey, Jess Black, Caitlyn bone, John Canemaker, Benni CinkleLinda Jones CloughJeff DeGrandisSunny DolbergAmy Dyson, Bob Elias, Eric GoldbergShakiba Hashemi, John Howitt, Aaron Jackson, Andrew Jones, Marian Jones, Samantha Kausen, Mike KupkaNina Kuriloff, Christina Lancaster, Ria Lepage, Tennessee Loveless, Theresa Marchand, Marcel Marchand, Ken Marshall, Pamala Meador, James Mulligan, Micah Murray, Jimm Nawrocki, Robert Patrick, Irene Prestinary, Brittany Rausch, Jim Salvati,Chris Scardino,  Joshua Smith, Glen Tarnowski, Inna Timokhina, Mick Victor & others…

To purchase tickets to the Red Dot Auction, click on The Red Dot Auction!

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Image of the Day: The Phantom Tollbooth

PHTO-02-049 copy

Original pre-production art (mixed media on board,) 5.25" x 9.5", artist unknown, for the Chuck Jones 1970 feature film "The Phantom Tollbooth."  Several different artists provided interpretive visual ideas for Jones' adaptation of the much loved Norton Juster book, "The Phantom Tollbooth."  This one shows the hero of the book, Milo, as he enters the land of the Lethargians. 

If you'd like to view editions created from art for "The Phantom Tollbooth," please click here.