Honey Bunny Always Gets Her Rabbit! In Time for Valentine’s Day . . .

Each week leading up to Valentine’s Day 2016, we’ll feature an artist and a suggestion for a gift of art for your sweetheart. This week it’s Warner Bros. and Disney fine artist, Bob Elias.











Introducing “Honey Bunny Always Gets Her Rabbit!”, a fine art reproduction on canvas by artist Bob Elias, edition of 40 with 14 Artist Proofs. The signed and numbered edition measures 12″ x 15″ and is priced at just $295 with gallery wrap. The APs measure 16″ x 20″ and are only $525, hand-embellished. Delivery available in time for Valentine’s Day giving.

Bob Elias has been painting for the Chuck Jones Gallery since 2011 and enjoys a loyal following of collectors and fans. He’s constantly inspired by Chuck Jones’s Warner Bros. cartoons and also by Jones’s character drawings, especially the lines. Bob’s background in sign-painting is apparent in his masterful use of color-blocking and how he juxtaposes contrasting colors to imbue the image with its fanciful subject matter.

A passionate surfer, Bob can often be found at San Onofre with his long-board. His mastery of this simple, yet difficult sport has contributed to his successful discipline as a painter. His paintings are full of his joie de vivre and yet his technical virtuosity adds another layer of perfection to the finished canvas.

Contact your Chuck Jones Gallery art consultant to place your order for “Honey Bunny Always Gets Her Rabbit” today!

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