Do You Red Dot?

You'll have to forgive Chuck Redux, but we are obsessed with the art that's been donated for this year's Red Dot Auction. From the four corners of the continent–North American, that is–to the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity the works of art have been flowing in this past couple of weeks. We are close to receiving 100 works — which was our goal — to celebrate the centennial year of Chuck Jones. 

There are paintings of horses…

…and then there are paintings of horses <nudge, nudge, wink, wink>. 

There are abstract works of art — including photography — that are as brilliantly conceived as the most complex oil painting.

Yes, it's a photograph.

And there are charming re-imaginings and what-ifs:

In other words, there is something for everyone at the Red Dot Auction! Bidding begins at only $100.00–and all of the proceeds help fund the creativity programs of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity like Pastelicious and Dynamic Dioramas led by the Center's resident teaching artist, Christopher Scardino, who by-the-way, has contributed a stunning work of art to the Red Dot.

So, do you Red Dot? Would you like more information about bidding long-distance? Contact any of our galleries, or Chuck Redux and we'll gladly help you find the work that means the most to you. Which artist's work will you take home?

Chuck Redux:

Chuck Jones Gallery, Costa Mesa: or 866-Chuck Jones

Chuck Jones Gallery, Santa Fe: or 800-290-5999

Chuck Jones Gallery, San Diego: or 888-294-9880

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