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Meet Your Mind–A User’s Guide to the Science of Consciousness

Chuck Redux stumbled upon To the Best of Our Knowledge website the other day and we were really taken by this series on the User's Guide to the Science of Consciousness, particularly the part on the neuroscience of creativity. There are six components that range from "Memory and Forgetting" to "Extraordinary Minds", each one is available as an audio interview accompanied by its transcription. Really amazing stuff, here's the intro to the series:

Your thoughts and feelings, your joy and sorrow….it’s all part of your identity, of your consciousness. But what exactly is consciousness? It may be the biggest mystery left in science. And for a radio show that loves 'Big Ideas,' we had to take up the question.  

In our six-hour series, you’ll hear interviews with the world’s leading experts – neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists, philosophers, writers and artists. We’ll take you inside the brains of Buddhist monks, and across the ocean to visit France’s ancient cave paintings. We’ll tell you how to build a memory palace, and you’ll meet one of the first scientists to study the effects of LSD.
How do our brains work?  Are animals conscious? What about computers?  Will we ever crack the mystery of how the physical “stuff” of our brains produces mental experiences?

What does science tell us about the most personal question of all:

Who am I?

Take some time and investigate. It's well worth your time. 

Making the Scene at the Newport Beach Film Festival

The Newport Beach Film Festival opened last night with a showing of the documentary, "Broadway Idiot," that follows the making of the band Green Day's musical, "American Idiot." Although Billie Joe Armstrong and his mates were on hand last night, the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity's intrepid photographer, Stephen Russo, caught Linda Jones Clough, daughter of Chuck Jones, seen below (center) with Richard and Elizabeth Sherman (he, along with his late brother, Robert, the penners of the music for "Mary Poppins," "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang," and "It's a Small World (After All)." 

LJC with Robert Elizabeth Sherman

And the marquee outside of Edwards Big Newport Cinemas.


Tomorrow morning, Saturday, April 27, Linda and her son, Craig, will be presenting a Chuck Jones Film Festival at Big Newport. Ticket information is here. They will also screen some of the animated shorts that were submitted to the festival. A Q & A will follow. 

Photos courtesy Stephen Russo.

Tickets Now on Sale for the 3rd Annual Red Dot Auction!

Announcement for blog 7 x 7

The Red Dot Auction

Which Artist’s Work Will You Take Home

Spring Gala Fund-raiser Announced for

Chuck Jones Center for Creativity 

Costa Mesa, CA:
The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity announced today plans for their spring
fund-raising gala, The Red Dot Auction, to be held Saturday, May 11th,
from 6 to 9 PM at the Center located at South Coast Collection (SoCo), 3321
Hyland Avenue, Costa Mesa, California. 

This is the third annual Red Dot Auction, first conceived as
a fund-raising opportunity for the Center in 2011. The Center, a 501(c)3
organization, dedicated as it is to inspiring creativity in all people, but
particularly in children, was founded in 1999 by animation legend and four-time
Academy Award recipient, Chuck Jones.

What differentiates The Red Dot Auction from other silent auctions
is that all of the contributing artists have signed their artwork on the
reverse. Consequently attendees at the event will not know who the artist is
when bidding, they’ll only have their heart to follow. “We wanted to create a
fun, engaging silent auction, and to further the suspense of not knowing which
work belongs to which artist, each artist received an identical 12” square
stretched canvas upon which to create their work of art,” noted Tracy Tanner,
President of the Council for Creativity, the volunteer arm of the Center.

“The artists who are participating come from all levels
of notoriety, skill, and accomplishment, from students to emerging to
established artists; we reached out around the world hoping to capture the
imagination and appreciation of these artists. We are thankful that they were
willing to help us achieve our goal of promoting creativity by providing a
nurturing environment where it may grow and blossom,” said Craig Kausen,
Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Center. 

Participating artists include James Coleman, legendary background designer and matte painter for
Walt Disney Studios; “Dora the Explorer” producer and director, Jeff DeGrandis; Kelly Asbury, director of the critically acclaimed animated film,
“Gnomeo and Juliet”; Eric Goldberg,
longtime Disney animator and director; Marian
, photographer, author, and Chuck Jones’s wife.

The Red Dot Auction will include a short live auction of
items unique to the Center such as a studio tour with one of the Center’s
artists or a commissioned work of art by one of the participating artists.

Admission is $25.00 per person and open to the public.
RSVP and pay for your tickets by May 4th and receive 5 free raffle tickets when you sign in
at the front desk the evening of the event. To buy your tickets and to RSVP,
write to
or call 949-660-7791 x 20107.  You can also buy online here or by clicking the above image. 

The Center’s vision is to inspire the innate creative
genius within each person that leads to a more joyous, passionate, and
harmonious life and world. This is an important goal, particularly in today’s
world, when arts education is practically non-existent; we are dedicated to
reinvigorating the creative spirit and we are doing it through art classes,
exhibitions, lectures, and film festivals, all of which spring from the
material in the Chuck Jones archive. Jones was a determined saver and his
writings, art, and other ephemera from a nine-decade life, along with his
philosophy of guiding and nurturing instruction form the basis of our programs.


Chuck Jones Essential Reading List Book Club Meets Wednesday, April 24

"Cabbages and Kings" by O. Henry (his only novel) will be the topic of discussion at the meeting of the Chuck Jones Essential Reading List Book Club this coming Wednesday, April 24 at 7 PM. Held at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, 3321 Hyland Ave., Suite A, Costa Mesa, California, the book club was started by Chuck's daughter Linda. This month's book, by O. Henry, is available free either through Google or through Amazon, no digital reader necessary. 

The title, "Cabbages and Kings" is a line from a poem by Lewis Carroll published in 1872, "The Walrus and the Carpenter," a delightful bit of nonsense…shall we consider its use as foreshadowing by O. Henry? The book traces the travails of a beauty from New Orleans, Isabel Guilbert, and her life as it takes her around the globe. There are dashing deposed dictators, missing cash, and rich American landowners, all of whom are mesmerized by the charms of Miss Guilbert, an operetta diva and a life so complex only O. Henry will be able to unravel it.

Join us on Wednesday, a suggestion donation of $15.00 goes toward defraying the costs of the non-profit Center's public programs. Plus there'll be tea and crackers. (And maybe oysters…but you'll have to be there to find out.) If you can't be here in person, but would like to listen in on the discussion, please follow this link for a live broadcast. At some point in the near future we hope to have the club on a g + broadcast, details to follow.

The Best of Chuck Jones’ Looney Tunes at the Sonoma Film Festival

If you live in the bay area, the Sonoma Film Festival opens today and runs through Sunday. On Saturday, April 13 at 9:30 AM PDT, the festival will present the a collection of Chuck Jones cartoons curated from his own personal collection of 35mm reels. This showcase of diverse and eclectic classics includes Oscar-winning DOT & THE LINE, ALI BABA BUNNY, and WHAT'S OPERA, DOC? (voted the greatest animated short film in history.) Adults and children will be entertainted by Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, Road Runner, Wile E.Coyote, Pepe le Pew, Porky Pig, Sylvester the Cat, Gossamer, and many more! Chuck Jones's daughter, Linda, will introduce the collection and be available for discussion after the screening.

Although tickets are no longer available online, please contact the Festival Box Office for availability at

CJ  LJ 1997
Linda Jones Clough with her father, Oscar-winning animation director and creator, Chuck Jones.