Love Is in the Hare…

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"Hand kissing.  This is something I took up when I realized its character and intent.  A girl is a continuous thing, and it isn't because the hand-bone is connected to the arm-bone, the arm-bone is connected to the head-bone.  The skin of a girl's hand is connected by direct route and direct wire to her lips, the hand is like holding the end of a lariat, the business part is at the end.  So when the continental gallant kisses a girl's hand he is in effect saying what every sane woman wants to hear: "I'd like to kiss your lips." Shaking hands is just silly, whoever heard of shaking lips?"   

"The purpose of making films is to delight.  The purpose of making films is to excite.  The purpose of making films is to have fun. Not a bad set of rules for marriage–which needs some sensible rules.  Do these rules apply only to your expected audience? No, they only apply to you."

"The weaker sex is actually the stronger sex because of the stronger sex's weakness for the weaker sex."

–Chuck Jones, "Stroke of Genius: A Collection of Paintings and Musings on Love, Life, and Art"

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