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More tenants open at SoCo in Costa Mesa – Orange County Retail : The Orange County Register

Chuck Jones

Photo by Lorren Au, Jr./Orange County Register

South Coast Collection, the open-air shopping center off Hyland Avenue and Sunflower Boulevard in Costa Mesa, continues to add to its growing tenant roster. The new additions to SoCo include The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, where old school animation aficionados can find the following: the late Chuck Jones’ original sketches, paintings, doodles and animation cels; scripts, books, and other written pieces; videos of interviews, presentations, and drawing demonstrations he gave; other artifacts of his life; and videos by his daughter, Linda Jones Clough. The center, which moved from its Old Towne Orange location, had its grand opening in late January and will be open to the public on a semi-regular basis in two weeks, said Craig Kausen, the center’s chairman of the board and Jones’ grandson. “Drop-in-and-draw” classes, which were held in Orange, will resume at the new Costa Mesa site in the coming months, he said.

Many thanks to Hang Nguyen of the OC Register for the write-up.


Remembering Chuck Jones

Chuck Jones passed away on February 22, 2002.  It doesn't seem possible that a decade has passed since then, for his spirit truly does live on, not only in each of you, but also in the hearts and minds of his three grandchildren, Valerie, Craig, and Todd.    

Craig linda valerie todd AMPAS 5.13.2010

Pictured from left: Craig Kausen, Linda Jones Clough, Valerie, and Todd Kausen at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with Chuck Jones's Oscar® for his 1965 short animated film, "The Dot and the Line". 



From Valerie: People love Chuck Jones. In the decade that has passed since Chuck’s death, I have found myself getting to know (and love) him even more deeply. I have the great honor of working with the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and witnessing innumerable people being inspired by Chuck’s work, his words, his philosophy, the memories of his kindness and humor.

Valerie Chuck copyright

I had the great pleasure of growing up with Chuck, being able to work with him closely for many years, to represent him in many situations over the years and be his only granddaughter. 

It would seem that when someone leaves this world that the memory might fade, become less important over time, but Chuck’s influence is growing stronger. The importance of a heartfelt, humor-filled life is now more clear than ever. I am more inspired, connected and dedicated to a creative life and to the pursuit of my own soul’s contribution to this world and I know that this is because of Chuck and what is still alive in this world that he left for us.

People love Chuck Jones. It is a love affair that never seems to end. Chuck changed lives through his work, his encouragement or just by his deep love of living. He is still changing lives, ten years after his passing. 


From Todd: Ten years seems like a long time in most situations, but for some reason, it does not feel very long when thinking back to when Chuck left us.  When I was at the new Chuck Jones Experience in Las Vegas at the Circus Circus Hotel, I was filled with a feeling of missing him. It really is a great experience whether you knew him or not.

Todd Chuck copyright

I'm so honored to be associated with him and his great legacy, albeit strictly through nepotism and certainly not through any kind of deserved place.  However, as Chuck used to say, "Even if I don't deserve it, that doesn't mean I can't enjoy it!"  So on this day, I shall reflect on him, his legacy, his impact on me personally and be very grateful for the tiniest piece of his humor, wit and genius that somehow trickled into my blood and allows me to occasionally find the humor in this wacky journey of life.  Thanks for that, Chief!


From Craig: It is quite startling for me to think that it has been 10 years since my Grandfather, Chuck, passed away.  Not only do I recall that day quite vividly, just as I’m sure everyone who has had someone important to them leave, I reflect that now a fifth of my life has been without him here to be able to visit with, ask questions, and laugh with at dinners.  The realization doesn’t quite seem to fit in the scheme of time for me.  Perhaps it is that time is much more relative these days for me, or just that my memories of him within our lives are so ingrained.  But in any case, I would describe my life as being almost completely with him and just a brief moment since without him.  I’m sure that being around his persona, his name, and the memories of him recounted by so many on a regular basis bridges the gap of him not physically being here, but my own memories are as constant and as clear as they ever were. 

Chuck Craig Bike copyright

On this day, 10 years later, still my fondest memories are the personal ones; the ones where he created a special moment when I was young(er) like jumping in the pool fully clothed when I learned to swim, or teaching me how to ride my bike, or telling me how special it was when my son was born.  No matter what the memory is for me, each of them, when it includes Chuck, makes me smile.

Chuck Jones + New Mexico Celebrate Their Centennial in 2012

Chuck Jones said that part of his great pleasure in visiting the Land of Enchantment (New Mexico) was probably due to the fact they both came to be the same year, 1912.  "New Mexico" magazine celebrates the state's centennial in their latest Collector's Edition, which included a great note about "taking a left turn at Albuquerque".  

NM Cover.jpeg copy

It reads: "1953: Cartoonist Chuck Jones popularizes Bugs Bunny's phrase, "I knew I shoulda tooke that left toin at Albakoikie," [sic] sparking a pop-culture onslaught of references to getting lost near the Duke City.  Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies creator Chuck Jones lived in California, but traveled frequently to New Mexico.  Reflecting his attachment to the state, a gallery of his work operates in Santa Fe today."

Love Is in the Hare…

GICLEE-29.72dpi copy
"Hand kissing.  This is something I took up when I realized its character and intent.  A girl is a continuous thing, and it isn't because the hand-bone is connected to the arm-bone, the arm-bone is connected to the head-bone.  The skin of a girl's hand is connected by direct route and direct wire to her lips, the hand is like holding the end of a lariat, the business part is at the end.  So when the continental gallant kisses a girl's hand he is in effect saying what every sane woman wants to hear: "I'd like to kiss your lips." Shaking hands is just silly, whoever heard of shaking lips?"   

"The purpose of making films is to delight.  The purpose of making films is to excite.  The purpose of making films is to have fun. Not a bad set of rules for marriage–which needs some sensible rules.  Do these rules apply only to your expected audience? No, they only apply to you."

"The weaker sex is actually the stronger sex because of the stronger sex's weakness for the weaker sex."

–Chuck Jones, "Stroke of Genius: A Collection of Paintings and Musings on Love, Life, and Art"

Making Sure We Do Not Forget the Gift…

Something that Craig Kausen, Chairman of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and Chuck Jones's grandson, said at last Saturday's gala fundraiser and grand-opening party for the Center's new space is still resonating with this author.

DSC_0160 (Large)
He spoke to the mission and vision of the Center as a place where creativity is (and will be) allowed to flourish, regardless of the discipline from which it might sprout, as a place where creativity is nourished and guided, helped along, questioned, and inspired.  

And then he quoted Albert Einstein, "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."  Craig made the point that the Center was there to remember and tend the gift of the intuitive mind (creativity) and how significant a role that can play in today's world.  

We Make Fine AcmesTM photo
In order to continue to make fine Acmes, in order to nurture and encourage people of all ages to follow their intuitive minds, the Center needs your help.  Won't you join us and get creative?  Why not invent your future by contributing just $20.00 a month for 12 months to the programs of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity?  Please make your donation today.  Our world will be all the better for it.  

Get creative invent the futurelogoflt

Chuck Jones Center for Creativity is inspiring people to see, act and think creatively. Through programs, virtual communities, outreach and large interactive educational fun events, Chuck Jones Center for Creativity is changing the world for the better. 

And you can be a big part of that change. 

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Your donation today will automatically enter your name into the 5 raffles to be pulled throughout 2012; featuring fabulous gifts, events and experiences to be announced in the coming months. Get connected to the Jones family and to the growing number of people that know…creativity is saving the world!

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