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Dodger Great Duke Snider Dies

SGGC008-1.Dodger clubhouse Duke Snider 1956
The Dodger's great outfielder, Duke Snider, 84, has died.  One of "the Boys of Summer" Snider helped the Brooklyn Dodgers to their only World Series win as well as six National League Championships.  Go here to read Mike Kupper's full obituary in a special to the Los Angeles Times.  

The photo above is a limited edition fine art reproduction on paper from the SPORT Magazine Collection and is titled "Dodger Clubhouse 1956" with the Duke of Flatbush in the foreground contemplating an upcoming game in the second season to the last the Dodgers played at Ebbets Field.  Click on the image for more details and to add to your collection.  

It’s Oscar Season! Charley Goes to the Oscars!


Cj at oscars 1996  

Chuck Jones backstage at the Academy Awards after receiving a Lifetime Achievement Oscar at the 1996 awards ceremony.

In 1996, Chuck Jones was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Oscar at the Academy Awards ceremony held in Hollywood.  Robin Williams, with whom Jones had worked with on "Mrs. Doubtfire" made the presentation in his inimitable style.

Linda Jones Clough, Chuck's daughter (and only child,) is also an Academy member and as tradition has it, every year attends the awards show with a different family member.  This year, it's going to be Charley, her grandson (and son of Chuck Jones Center for Creativity's chairman, Craig Kausen.) 

The big news is that Charley will be wearing Chuck's tuxedo from 1996!  So tune in to the red carpet extravaganza and keep an eye out for this handsome young man accompanied by the beautiful Linda Jones Clough.

Charley Kausen, great-grandson of animation pioneer and legend, Chuck Jones, pre-Oscar ceremony.


Charley (left) and his older brother, Alex, with their great-grandfather, Chuck Jones at his home in southern California, circa late 1990s.

Believe in She Hosts “Party for a Purpose” at Chuck Jones Gallery — San Diego

Believe in She, a locally-owned business dedicated to inspiring moms and daughters to live happier and healthier lives, will present "Party for a Purpose" to support City of Hope's Yoga for Hope event by raising money for cancer, diabetes and AIDS research at a fundraiser to be held Thursday, March 3 from 6:30 PM at the Chuck Jones Gallery, 232 Fifth Avenue, in San Diego's famed Gaslamp District.  The suggested ticket donation is $50.00.  

"The community is going to be treated to an amazing night," enthused Believe In She owner (and Chief Inspiration Officer) Jamie Dicken, "Lululemon will present a fashion show featuring Believe in She moms and daughters, live music will be provided by Hilary Michels, there'll be fabulous food with wine tasting provided by our friends at Arroyo Seco Vineyards, Bridgeview Winery and Couvillion Winery.  Plus the gallery will be hosting a special exhibit of Pop Culture artwork including work from such icons as Charles Schulz, Dr. Seuss and of course, the genius of Chuck Jones."

Jamiejulietteswing cropped sm
Believe in She president Jamie Dicken, left, and her daughter, Juliette.  Juliette is the only child in the San Diego area to be certified to teach yoga. 

For more information about the event and to purchase tickets in advance, click on Believe in She.

Bes-finallogo sm
Believe in She was founded by Jamie Dicken after she noticed her daughter's self-esteem plummet as she began to navigate the tween challenges of body image, frenemies and technology.  Determined to shift this negative cycle, the two of them joined forces to and created Believe in She to empower moms and their tween daughters to live happier and healthier lives using yoga and journaling to start conversations that strengthen the mother-daughter bond and improve self-esteem.  

“The Phantom Tollbooth” at the Seattle International Film Festival

The Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) announced the line-up for their "Animation Fascination" series of animated short cartoons and feature films to be shown April 22-24.  Included in the line-up will be Chuck Jones' only feature-length animated film, "The Phantom Tollbooth."  Adapted from the Norton Juster book of the same title, "The Phantom Tollbooth" utilizes both live action and animation to tell the story of Milo, a young boy whose boredom catapults him into the adventure of his life.  

If you're in the Seattle area, order your tickets today!


Original production cel on key matching background of Milo, Tock and the Spelling Bee from the 1970 animated feature "The Phantom Tollbooth" directed by Chuck Jones.  

Overture, curtains, lights — this is it, the night of nights

George Daugherty's magnificent "Bugs Bunny at the Symphony" opens tomorrow in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada.)  If you're in the area, get your tickets today!
Read about it via the Edmonton Journal:

Overture, curtains, lights — this is it, the night of nights.

Notes on “Watership Down”

Watership Down

In 1973, Richard Adams’ acclaimed novel Watership Down sold over 30 million copies.  Epic in scope and human in detail, the band of intrepid rabbits led by Hazel, Fiver and Bigwig strike out on an adventure in search of a new home.

Black Rabbit cel

Original production cels (gouache on acetate) on original matching background layout (mixed media on paper.)

In 1978, famed producer and writer, Martin Rosen (Women in Love) brought to the silver screen the much loved story of this group of rabbits.  Conceived, written and produced by Mr. Rosen, Watership Down the animated film was met with tremendous critical and audience praise.  (Four-time Academy Award-winning animators Faith and John Hubley [Moonbird, The Story of an *] developed and designed the opening fable sequence.)


Original production cel set-up (gouache on acetate) for the opening sequence of "Watership Down" designed and animated by John and Faith Hubley. 


Original production cel (gouache on acetate) from the opening sequence of "Watership Down". 

Charles Champlin of the Los Angeles Times said of the film, “An epic told with elegance, wit and persuasive detail.  It is lyrical, literal, very exciting, often very funny and entirely enchanting.  As it is the best scripted, so it must surely be the best acted animation feature of all.”


Original concept art, mixed media on paper and acetate, for "Watership Down."

What is it about?  A city-state is doomed.  Cassandra-like, a visionary rabbit (Fiver) prophesies the coming calamity.  Together with a small but resolute band of fellows, he sets off for safety and some dimly apprehended place that he has seen in his dreams.  The little band travels across an immense landscape, meeting with strange and fearful adventures on its way.  Such a journey Odysseus made—and the comparison is not inapt.  This great adventure finds its ultimate fulfillment on Watership Down where, after winning battles and surviving harrowing ordeals, harmony is at last established and the future is assured.


Original layout drawing, graphite and colored pencil on 12 field animation paper.

C19 47A

Original production cel (gouache on acetate) with, from left, Silver, Pipkin, Fiver and Bigwig.

Such noted actors as John Hurt (Hazel,) Sir Ralph Richardson (Chief Rabbit,) Zero Mostel (Kehaar the seagull,) Denholm Elliott (Cowslip) and Nigel Hawthorne (Campion) provided the voice characterizations.  Art Garfunkel’s lyrical single “Bright Eyes,” from the soundtrack became the second biggest selling single in British recording history at the time.


Original production cel (gouache on acetate) with photo-reproduced background with, from left, Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig and Blackberry.

Watership Down is one of the best animated films since the heyday of Disney…the story seems to have slipped easily and delightfully on to the screen…the film is remarkably beautiful to look at.” –Financial Times, London, U.K.  


Creativity, Craig Kausen & Cookies at the Bowers Museum

As the series, "Exploring from the Chuck Jones Side of Your Brain," continues, join Chuck's grandson, Craig, for an inspiring and interactive discussion on "The Pencil, the Computer, Children, and Creativity."  In addition to volunteering his time as Chairman (and a founding member) of the Chuck Jones Center's Board of Trustees, Craig guides classes on creativity through art for young people and shares his own personal perspective on the life of the imagination with people of all ages.  Craig also runs Linda Jones Enterprises, the thriving art business originally founded by his mother, Linda Jones Clough, in the 1970's.  

YesNo Chuck Jones-card copyWhether we work with the oldest or the newest tools, the human touch is an absolutely essential component of creativity. This seminar highlights the Chuck Jones brand of character study:  how to harness the most subtle details of human and animal movement to bring your creations to life. Everyone participating in this highly interactive seminar will discuss which tools to use, and why, and will leave with tips on fostering children's (and adults') natural enthusiasm for creating art.

Wednesday, Feb. 16, 1:30-3:00 p.m. at the Bowers Museum, Santa Ana, CA

One session: Bowers members $20 / Non-members $30    

For more information, please email, call 714.567.3677, or visit the Bowers website. 

P.S.  Did I forget to mention that cookies will be served?  Well, they will be!  Look for an assortment of this year's Girl Scout Cookies before, during and after the presentation.  

Chuck Jones on Gift Words

The wonderful folks at ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive recently came across a 1974 article Chuck Jones wrote for them about being an artist, animator, poet, writer, musician (or anyone who works in the arts, for that matter.)  

It starts with Chuck Jones describing a meeting between a young man and the poet, Robert Frost: 

"A young man was once sent fresh from Columbia University with a mutual friend’s introduction to Robert Frost. Frost scanned the young man’s writings, then looking quizzically up through his craggy white brows he asked, “What do you do, son?” The young man drew himself up proudly; he was, after all, one with the great Frost. “I am a poet,” he said. Frost gently answered, “The term ‘poet’ is a gift word, son; you cannot give it to yourself.”"

Jones continues at length about the importance of your work as an animator and what the possibilities are for animation in the now and in the future.  It's a fascinatingly good read, click here to read it!  To learn more about ASIFA-Hollywood, click on their name.  

P.S. There are also several awesome Chuck Jones layout drawings accompanying the text.  

Digital Media Maven, Kim Komando, on “One Froggy Evening” Cartoon

Digital media maven and radio personality, Kim Komando, recently selected Chuck Jones's 1955 masterpiece, the animated short film "One Froggy Evening" as her favorite cartoon of all time.  Citing Steven Spielberg "The "Citizen Kane" of animated film" and the National Film Registry "culturally significant", Komando calls it a "wonderful classic."  (Of course, we agree!)  Thank you Kim, for the rave and for your love of Chuck Jones cartoons!  To watch the cartoon and read her post click on Kim Komando.  To visit Kim's website, click here.  

Marc Anthony and the Chuck Jones “Look”


"Marc Anthony 1951" a hand-painted 16 field cel art edition by Chuck Jones.  Click on the image for more details.  

Marc Anthony, the bulldog from Chuck Jones's 1952 short animated cartoon, "Feed the Kitty" is best known for the complex emotions that pass across his face as he tries to keep his new friend, Pussyfoot, from danger.  Drawing these emotions challenged the director and in the video clip, you'll hear him discuss how he came to have an understanding of the character's motivations and how to express them graphically.