Chuck Jones Makes a Cameo Appearance in…

Did you know that Chuck Jones appeared in Joe Dante's 1984 "Gremlins?"  We found this photo at Deadly Movies, click here to read the full article.  Of course, this begs the question: What other films did Chuck Jones have a cameo role in?  Leave a comment and we'll post the correct answers tomorrow.  


5 thoughts on “Chuck Jones Makes a Cameo Appearance in…

  1. Michele Chaffe Hill

    I had no idea that Chuck Jones made a cameo in “Gremlins”. I would love to know if he did cameos in other films. I am a big fan! Chuck and Dorothy Jones introduced my parents on a blind date back in the fourties. Chuck was best man at their wedding in 1948, and I cherish all of the Christmas cards and letters from him over the years. My Dad and Chuck lived on Long Beach, as neighbors. We also visited his mother, Mabsie, several times, and I still have a doll she made me. My parents: Bob and Jane Chaffe). We lived all over the world, but kept in touch all those years. Sincerely, Michele Chaffe Hill

  2. Derrick Fish

    I remember reading that Joe Dante tried to get Mr. Jones to Cameo in all of his films. I know Mr. Jones had a cameo in INNERSPACE as a customer in the supermarket Martin Short worked in. I also recall that he was unable to cameo in Dante’s EXPLORERS. As such, the kids in that movie wen to Charles M. Jones Elementary school.

  3. Justin

    Without looking at IMDB, I remember him in ‘Innerspace’. He was a customer in the grocery line while Martin Short was freaking out.


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