This inspired me today: Of Compost, Molecules and Insects, Art Is Born

There is a terrific article in today's New York Times about the melding of art and science and the resulting artwork that comes from this unique pairing.  Inspiration comes in many guises and we must be open to its call. 

Cauda Equina
Keith W. Bentley’s “Cauda Equina” (1995-2007).

The word organic means different things to different people. To the gardener
it means compost
heaps. To the chemist it means carbon compounds. To the artist Fabian Peña, it
means American cockroaches, those chunky nocturnal charmers often seen
skittering around drainpipes or on the street. “I have collected cockroaches
from many different places,” Mr. Peña said. “From Cuba, Mexico, Miami, Houston,
everywhere I travel.” Read the rest of the article.

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