Image of the Day: Cat Feud

CAFE-01-007 copy

Original layout drawing by Chuck Jones (graphite on 12 field animation paper) created for his 1958 “Cat Feud” (love those pun-y titles!)  Although it’s not Claude Cat (this one’s all orange) he looks remarkably similar and his attempt to ‘cat-nap’ the sweet, little Pussyfoot’s sausage results in a beating not unlike those received by the hapless Claude in many another title. 

One of the defining characteristics of a Chuck Jones cartoon are the hundreds of layout drawings he created to guide his team of animator’s through the story.  Since there was no budget for editing at Warner Bros. after the film was completed, every single frame had to be carefully planned, staged, and filmed so that the finished film was exactly that, finished.  Jones was a master-planner making him one of the great animation directors of all time. 

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