Image of the Day: Barbary Coast Bunny

BACO-01-001 copy

Original layout drawing by Chuck Jones (graphite on 12 field animation paper) from his 1956 short animated film, "Barbary Coast Bunny" starring Bugs Bunny and Nasty Canasta. 

Animation director and creator of "Ren and Stimpy," John Kricfalusi has written a wonderful analysis of Jones' "Barbary Coast Bunny" which we recommend.  It begins:

"This is one of my all-time favorite cartoons. It has almost every good
trait you associate with Chuck Jones:

Great layouts and
Funny and mean gags
Specific acting
Beautiful solid
and stylish drawings
Good timing
Clear Staging
A lummox

also has very tight story structure and lots of little subtle extra
actions – all the things the critics love. I appreciate those too, but
those are nice secondary accessories to me. They can help support a big
central idea if there is one. By themselves they are just technical
details. What's really memorable about this cartoon is the
characterization of the lummox. Chuck is the master of lummoxes and this
Nasty Canasta is his finest. Usually Chuck's lummoxes have funny body
shapes-a huge barrel chest, big head with tiny legs and stubby fingers.
Nasty has all these traits, but on top of them he has a very specific
face – unlike the more plain faced Little John and The Crusher."

To read the rest of John K.'s blog post, please click here

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