Image of the Day: Louvre Come Back to Me

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"Louvre Come Back to Me" was the last of 17 cartoons that starred Chuck Jones' inimitable skunk of a lover, Pepé le Pew, bowing in theaters on August 18, 1962 (shortly before Warner Bros. Animation was shuttered.)  This is a background layout, from co-director, Maurice Noble, drawn with graphite and colored pencil on 12 field (10.5" x 12.5") animation paper.  It will be featured in the exhibit, "Chuck Jones: An Animator's Life From A to Z-Z-Z-Z" which opens May 14th at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills (closing August 22, 2010.) 

One of Pepé's greatest lines (at least in my opinion) comes from this cartoon:  "Where are you, my little objet d'art?  I am going to collect you!" 

5 thoughts on “Image of the Day: Louvre Come Back to Me

  1. Eric

    Maurice was just amazing. This is a GREAT piece, first time I’ve seen it. But honestly, is that Pepe line as good as “You are my peanut, I em your brittle”?

  2. Robert Patrick

    Hi Eric,
    There are so many to choose from: “Allow me to introduce myself, I am Pepe le Pew, your lover!” is another one that just knocks me flat. Glad you like the image, Maurice was a genius. All the best, Robert


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