Image of the Day: Untitled Watercolor (Two Stagehands)

CJFAM-352 copy

Untitled watercolor and ink on paper (Two Stagehands) by Chuck Jones, 11" x 14", circa late 1950s.  Although Chuck Jones is known primarily for his work in animation, he was also a serious and respected fine artist.  Classically schooled in such exacting artistic mediums as oil painting and watercolor, both of which he was a master, Jones was an avid chronicler of his real life, travels, friends and family throughout his long life.  This watercolor captures a moment on a soundstage (perhaps on the Warner Bros. lot) where two of the stagehands are caught watching the action unfold out of our field of vision.  Their posture and attitude is sublimely conveyed by Jones' inimitable handling of the medium as well as his elegant and simple line work. 

You may view more of Chuck Jones fine art series, "Incognito" by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “Image of the Day: Untitled Watercolor (Two Stagehands)

  1. JudyKostezky

    This about Chuck Jones touches on two areas of my mind – my absolute love of the Roadrunner cartoons. I think they will always be unsurpassed and also my love of pen and water colour drawing. I studied Theatre Art and we were required to reach a high standard of all mediums but pen and watercolour is my favourite.


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