Image of the Day: Forward March Hare

In honor of Veteran's Day…

Bugs Bunny gets drafted!  Actually, through a mix-up with his neighbor's mail (a B. Bonny) Bugs receives a 'Greetings' letter and enters the U.S. Army.  Much hilarity ensues: from his physical exam to his interaction with his fellow recruits, Bugs' big feet, acute eyesight and bathing habits (in the colonel's helmut, no less) cause his sargeant to be demoted, promoted and demoted (eventually demented…) again and again.  

Forward March Hare took its bow in theaters on February 4, 1953.  Directed by Chuck Jones, written by Michael Maltese and with animation by Ben Washam, Lloyd Vaughn and Ken Harris.  Maurice Noble created the layouts and backgrounds were painted by Philip DeGuard.  These layout drawings are by Chuck Jones.

Acme eye chart layout w doc 

FOMA-01-004 copy

FOMA-01-007 copy

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