Italian Student Focuses on Ralph Wolf & Sam Sheepdog at University in Pisa

This past week I received a wonderful note from a new found friend, Marco Nuti, who is doing a thesis on Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog from the Chuck Jones films of the 50s and 60s.

I am including here the sequence of communication from Marco and my replies because his genuine enthusiasm is incredibly contagious.

From Marco Nuti:


Dear Craig,

your comunity is a big discover for me, as a fan of warner brothers

My biggest pleasure in those days was the discover of all the Jones's
works, thanks also to a seminary i'm doing here at my university in Pisa.

This year seminary it's all about the relationship between reality and
animation, so i decide to write a little thesis about this subject in the seven
episodes of Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog (1953-1963).

I'm still writing and my
presentation day it's next Thursday, for that day i'll be ready.

In Italy it's very hard to find Universityes ready to spend time on the
history of animation, i guess only in Rome and Tourin we have something.

Here in Pisa the professor of this seminary Mr. Thomas Martinelli it's
doing everything for free, theaching us with passion. In few words not for the
money, but for the love of Animation.

We have some private school in Italy and also some realities where the
animation is developped, but we are still the last.

Me, i'm plannig to write my final thesis for the degree on the work of
Chuck Jones and, i guess that if would be possible, i might be the first here in
Italy to dedicate a work to this incredible man.

All those lines just to say Thank You for your all work. 



And my reply:



What a wonderful
message to receive on this day.  I am very touched by your interest, your
passion, and your dedication to discovering and sharing more about my
grandfather and his work.

I hope that you will
share your work with me when you are finished.

If there is any
information, materials, or assistance that I can provide, please do not hesitate
to contact me again.

With much


PS I thought you would
enjoy seeing a couple of images of works that are in the Chuck Jones museum
collection from ‘Don’t Give up the Sheep.”  One is a page from the script and
the other is a preliminary sketch/painting that Chuck did for the Sam Sheepdog.
Please enjoy.


 DOGI-01-004 copy


Dear Craig,

i needed two days to realize what i saw in the e-mail you send me.

i almost
cryed and i didn't sleep from happiness.

you gave me historical documents that for me are like gold, i'll never stop
to tell you thank you.
belive me i'll share my work for the seminary with you, i'll be glad to
send you by mail my work as i print it.

really it's amazing what you did for me, with this material my work has a
concrete sense.

i promise you that i'll do my best to make you proud of my work, i'll do
the best to do something good.

i really don't remember how i found your site, anyway, i was lookin for
images 'bout Sam and Ralph and out from nowhere your site appeared.

i hope for my feature works to can count on your help, as i hope my
professors would give me the permision to write my final thesis on your
grandfather work.

with best regards and so much respect



I share all of this because I continue to be astounded at the vast impact that Chuck's work continues to achieve.

I hope you have enjoyed this too.


3 thoughts on “Italian Student Focuses on Ralph Wolf & Sam Sheepdog at University in Pisa

  1. Silvia Lisanti

    Wow, what this guy is doing is simple great and interesting, and I can confirm what he wrote: unfortunately in Italy there’s not such great interest in animation history as there’s elsewhere, and that’s preety sad: I understand Europe didn’t have a particularly great animation development as America did in the golden ages of cartoons, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t persons who have a heartful and genuine interest in this subject!!!
    I hope there’ll be more italian university professors who’ll have the interest to share this passion with us students! I’m sure Marco’s going to gain an high mark


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