A New HairDo (or two) Brings Smiles to Hundreds of Kids

(A note from Craig)

On Wednesday this week, I was lucky enough to attend my first Team Kids Celebration.  I provide the official synopsis of the event from Team Kids below, but first I wanted to share my experience (briefly, I hope) of the day.

The two hours that I was at Alderwood Elementary School in Irvine had so many highlights that I find it hard to recount them all, but I will just say they include a water fight against seven 6th-graders (which I paid extra tickets for), a chance to win plastic vampire teeth for bowling a strike (with three 5th-graders as pins), and a brief reunion with my kids' favorite teacher (Lisa Friedberg), whom they all had for 5th grade. (the last nearly a decade ago)

But the one that stands out the most (and perhaps stands up the most), is the wonderful job that 6th-grader Rachel did on providing me with a more contemporary hairdo. 

Team Kids is a remarkable organization that is headed by a long-time, dear friend, Julie, who I unsuspectingly lassoed into joining me in the 'salon.' 

Team Kids Julie and Craig
Pictured: Me, Julie Hudash (Team Kids, CEO), Rachel the stylist (center), and the rest of the Alderwood 'Thumbs Up Salon' team.

The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity is undertaking a new
collaboration with Team Kids to inspire creativity in kids in Southern
California. More details to come as they evolve…

I look forward to many more fun times with Julie and their thousands of Team Kids!


**** From Team Kids ****

It's never too early for kids to realize they can change the world!
 Approximately 140 students in 5th and 6th grade at Alderwood in Irvine, CA,
volunteered to serve on the Team Kids Leadership Team and hosted their charity
carnival celebration.  There were 34 youth inspired booths, with whipped cream
pies, human bowling, sponge toss competition, fishing games, and best of all,
the wacky mohawk booth!  The students gave up their lunch recess twice a week,
for a month, to host this amazing event for their younger students, along with
police officers, firefighters, and UCI Athletes!  In just over an hour over
$1,900 was raised to support the Irvine Animal Shelter, a beneficiary charity
the kids voted on themselves!

This celebration was the culminating celebration of the month-long Team
Kids Challenge Program, which inspired all 900+ students to spend a week in
service to alleviate hunger, support the homeless, protect animals and the
environment, and to host their own kid created carnival for the charity of their
choice.  http://www.teamkids.org

Team Kids is proud to partner with Chuck Jones Center
for Creativity to witness the magic when we tap into the endless creativity, compassion, and
empathy of our children.


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