Chuck Jones: Night Cap


Night Cap

“Oooh, I’m dyin’!” 
Bugs Bunny awakes from a restful night’s sleep when a little, lost,
top-hat-wearing penguin from the Brooklyn
Ice Palace
lands on his head after falling down his hutch.   In this cartoon, titled 8 Ball Bunny, Bugs vows to return the penguin to his presumed
homeland, the South Pole.  Thus begins an
adventure for Bugs and his fine-feathered friend that includes a hungry hobo,
Humphrey Bogart, the S.S. Admiral Byrd, the island of Martinique, the jungle
around the Panama Canal, a canoe, alligators, mountains, restless natives, the
South Pole and Humphrey Bogart once again. 
Whew!  Only to find out the
penguin is a native of Hoboken, New Jersey!  

Night Cap is based on a scene from the Chuck Jones
directed 1950 cartoon 8 Ball Bunny.  It premiered July 8th with a story
by Michael Maltese and animation provided by Phil Monroe, Ben Washam, Lloyd
Vaughn, Ken Harris and Emery Hawkins. 
Layouts and backgrounds were designed and executed by Peter Alvarado.  The voice actor was Mel Blanc and musical
direction was orchestrated by Carl Stalling*.

*Carl Stalling was the musical director at Warner Brothers
between 1936 and 1958. Mixing his original music with segments from the Warner
Brothers music library, Stalling created some of the most memorable movie music
of the 20th century.  It was
his virtuosity as a musical maven that contributed greatly to the success of
the Warner Bros. cartoons.

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