Chuck Jones: Judge Season


Judge Season

“If the court please!!!” exclaims an over-animated
Daffy Duck at the be’fudd’led Judge Elmer Fudd.*   Judge Season is one of several cel art editions by Chuck Jones depicting
his Warner Bros. characters in the drama and, by extension, the comedy of the
courtroom.   Is Daffy Duck all lawyers? Or are all lawyers Daffy
Duck?  We withdraw the questions, your

Chuck Reducks: "Bugs talks, and
Daffy talks too much," said film teacher Richard Thompson.  “Most of us know when we should stop, and so
does Daffy, but his where to stop is
way beyond ours, and he repeatedly lands himself in trouble by going too far…
Daffy is constantly scowling, even when his mouth is grinning, because he
thinks he might have to scowl soon—it
is there in case of need.”

was created from Chuck Jones’ original line drawing, then
transferred to acetate sheets by serigraphy, and hand-painted using 11
different colors by professional cel painters.  

Fudd is thought to have first appeared as we know him now in Chuck Jones’ Elmer’s
Candid Camera
of 1940 (although some critics claim it was Tex Avery’s A
Wild Hare
of the same year.) 
Elmer did evolve from the Egghead character used by Tex Avery in several
1930’s Warner Bros. cartoons.  Chuck
Jones repeatedly used Elmer to great effect in three
‘hunting’ films of the mid-1950’s, hence the different 'seasons' such as Duck Season, Rabbit Season or Elmer
Season and perhaps most spectacularly in The
Rabbit of Seville
of 1950 and What’s Opera, Doc? of 1957.

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