Chuck Jones’ letters to his daughter, Linda


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Wednesday, Jan 28…


Dearest Linda:


Back from Tucson
safe and reasonably sound.  Saw
Florence, Arizona en route, scene of L. Jones’s introduction to one of the
seamier aspects of life.
[reference to a visit to a cowboy bar with
one of Linda’s classmates; not a good place for a naïve 15-year-old.]
  Seems like nice country around there, though.  That’s the trouble usually, the scenery
is magnificent but the cast stinks. 


I was very impressed
with Tucson, people, mountains, motels, dances and dancing including a fine
exhibition of mounted square dancing. 
Those young people really and truly knew their horsemanship.  The figures were intricate and were
executed at a very brisk canter indeed. 
It was no place for a beginner; a wrong turn would not only have
overturned the rider but would have taken five or six other horses with
him.  And they cut ‘em sharp!  The whole thing was immensely


Our cartoon “Duck
Amuck” still wowing them with “Hans Christian Andersen”. I think I’ve had more
comments on this cartoon than any since “For Scent-imental Reasons” and maybe
more than even that.  Very
gratifying.  But Hell, I can’t
believe that it will go any place. 
Preliminary showings this week, however.  I’ll know better then. 
The nominees will be announced, I believe, February 10th.  Hold the thought.


Dottie may have told
you that Rip’n Snort was the guest club in Bob’s [
Osgood] TV Show last week.  We did pretty well I thought: the club
had buoyancy and spirit notably lacking in some of the other clubs.  At the end of the program they present
a gift to the president of the club, in this case me and in this case a years
supply of coffee and 1,000 (count ‘em) cups.  So one of the members of the cast came out with a carton of
these cups and about ten cans of coffee balanced atop it.  All was joviality and light until one
of the cans began to slip after he had handed it to me.  One thing led to another and one of the
cans somehow managed to fall, then another and another.  It was an odd sensation, but all I
could see to do was to go along with it, so after it was apparent to me that I
was in it anyway, I simply flung the rest of them in the air and started
booting them around while the cast was trying to retrieve them.  Then they got the idea and things were
really quite wild and funny there for a while.  It was the first really big laugh they’ve had on the show,
but you must remember it is a very corny show.  But it did look funny and it did look spontaneous, which
indeed it was.  I had a ball and so
did the cast and from the reactions and letters, so did the audience.  Some of my more intimate acquaintances
thought I dropped the damn things on purpose.  A base canard indeed.


Your letters are interesting,
but somewhat barren of essential information.  I know it must be difficult to think of things, but try to
keep us up to date on the following subjects.  1. 
Studies.  How do they go,
are they interesting, are you learning anything?  2. Social life (includes love life if any) 3. Horses and
riding, including activities that might be new to us, trail trips?  Polo games?  Whatever.  3
Relationship with staff and friends, how goes it?  New and interesting students?  Arrivals and/or departures.   4.  Future
plans, ideas, needs or demands.


Are you coming down
to Phoenix Saturday Feb 7th? 
Can you get there?  We will
be staying with Bud Brown.  If you
can’t make it perhaps we could grab a ride up there Friday.  Leave us know, Hm?


I love thou…in a
paternal way

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