Chuck Jones Doodles: A Glimpse into Genius (Part 1)

When I was preparing for a recent event, I came across some doodles by Chuck that seemed to me a glimpse into the way his genius expressed itself.  I imagined Chuck sitting in his studio, likely talking on the phone while his hand casually sketched whatever bubbled out. 

I'm sure there was seldom an intent when he started a doodle, but instead, he absentmindedly allowed it to occur. 

I think I most enjoy the way that there is no pattern or distinct symmetry, while at the same time, there is wonderful design and grace that dances from the page.

I wish I had a stop action recounting of how some of these doodles came to life to experience how they started and stopped. 

As you'll see, many times a name or a phone number or a note is embedded into the doodle as the real basis for the pad lying before him.

Please enjoy.


SKDO-01-023 SKDO-01-002

3 thoughts on “Chuck Jones Doodles: A Glimpse into Genius (Part 1)

  1. Larry Levine

    Craig, These are incredible doodles!! I have a CJ concept drawing with several phone numbers & messages written around beautiful sketches of Daffy, Elmer and Porky. I always loved this piece for the very reasons you noted above, it’s a glimpse of Chuck’s genius at work (not even a phone call could distract his creativity).

  2. Jamie

    Craig, these doodle drawings from Chuck are so wonderful! They have such a happy buoyancy and love of life and fun about them. I’ve loved his work for a long time! Thanks so much for sharing Chuck’s work with all of us and thanks for all that you share with everyone on Twitter! I so appreciate it! 🙂


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