Chuck Jones’ letters to his daughter, Linda

# 5 Post:

Wednesday…September 24, 1952

Dearest Linda;

Another day, another letter and my damned typewriting doesn’t seem to improve. The two initial fingers of my right hand do all the work and others
just go along for the ride.  The index finger of my left hand pushes
the shift key.  I suppose it thinks it’s earning its keep.  It just
pointed out to me by doing so that it also returns the carriage.  Big
deal!!  Do you know I used a typewriter for about six years before I
discovered what the tabular key is for?  I felt like I’d just invented

I’m on a diet.  I found to my horror Sunday morning that I weighed 194 pounds.  Pure flab.  So when Donn  came over I challenged him to a two-week diet: no sugars, sweets, starches, breads, potatoes, butter, milk, salad
dressings or etcetera.  No beer!  We agreed on a $50.00 penalty if
either broke it, so I think I’ll go through with it.  What a dreadful
thing it is to have no will power.
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I saw [two of your friends] last evening.  They came tripping past the house, giggling and gabbling.  They were in bathing suits, had just been swimming.  They want you to write to them.  Write to me instead,

Has the Senator Nixon controversy struck the school?  I hope not.  It’s a hopeless sort of argument.  Had to do, as I suppose you know, as to whether he should
gave accepted $18,000 as a sort of expense fund to help his income.  In
my opinion he is, at best, naive, and dammit, I don’t want a naïve
vice-president.  My advice to you, if you need it, is, while over
there, to indulge in political controversies sparingly.  You’re
probably in a nest of children from Republican families so you won’t
win many converts to the Democratic Party.  

  ‘Bye for now.

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