From lochs to LAX, a visitor from Scotland explores the archives

Fraser MacLean, author of an upcoming book on the history of layout in animation, visited on Monday to meet Marian Jones (Chuck's widow) and Linda Jones Clough (Chuck's daughter).

Describing layout as "cinematography for animation," Fraser asked Marian and Linda to describe Chuck's unique approach to story development and layout, which involved acting out and sketching characters for the animators as the script and plot evolved.  

How many people can claim to have seen–and touched–original sketches for Ali Baba Bunny (1957) and an unreleased cartoon featuring Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and a cute little rabbit that undergoes an alarming transformation?  Fraser can, and hopes that his book, in addition to serving as a standard reference text, inspires young people around the world to pursue careers in animation.

Stay tuned:  We'll let you know when the book is scheduled for publication!

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Left to right:  Marian Jones, Fraser MacLean and Daffy Duck, Linda Jones Clough

Fraser MacLean 2.2.09

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