5 Ways to Build an Entertaining Art Collection (and not get hit by a bus)

They say you can take the New Yorker out of New York, but
you can’t make them drive.  In the case
of our very own, Joel Shapiro (sales manager at the San Diego Chuck Jones
Gallery,) no truer words were ever spoken. 
A graduate of Baruch College (CUNY,) he’s been an integral part of our
gallery since 1997.  Joel, who really
doesn’t drive (imagine living in SoCal and not driving!) has made San Diego his
own; by trolleys, by walking; to the beach, to the cinema and through the
search for the perfect pizza (still unfound, but the research, the

Joel’s been collecting art for nearly 30 years and agreed to
share with us his secrets for building and maintaining a collection of film-related
art.  His passion and deep appreciation
for the artists who create animated films, cinema campaigns and related artistic
endeavors is apparent in his collection. 
Filling his pristine apartment from floor to ceiling, each work is
lovingly cared for, exquisitely displayed and fondly remembered. 

Collecting Is

  • A
    collection is composed of memories—your
    memories.  Select each work
    because it means something to you. 
    In the case of animation art, let its action, attitude and
    personality be the key to your desire to own it.

  • Classic
    moments in animation create collections. 
    Whether it’s Bugs Bunny vs. Marvin Martian or Snow White singing at
    the Wishing Well—a classic moment will always engage the viewer

83272.ColorModel copy sm

  "Herr Loves Me, Hare Loves Me Not" Hand-painted cel art edition

  • Let
    your collection evolve: Over the years, Joel has allowed his collection to
    grow by letting the new, the unusual, and the unique spark his imagination
    and consequently his collection has developed a life all its own.  There is a core collection, but not
    unlike a tree with branches there is many a direction to yet explore.
  • Collect
    art that is in the present.  It is
    as important today as it was when it was made; whether 5 years ago or 50
    years ago it still has something to say. 
    Art collecting is a comment on the human condition.  It makes you laugh, it makes you cry—it
    is nostalgic and futuristic. 
  • Allow
    it to make you feel like a kid.  A
    collection is a reflection of your personality.  It is your heritage and your
    legacy.  There is an innocence
    associated with the art Joel collects that draws on his memories of more
    simple pleasures—Saturday mornings in front of the TV—trips to the movie
    theater with his family—that is inspirational. 


"Win a Few, Lose a Few" Original Watercolor by Chuck Jones

The “How Not to Get
Hit by a Bus” Part

  • If you
    insist on walking everywhere, by all means look both ways before stepping
    off the curb.  Note to San Diego bus
    drivers:  Please be on the lookout
    for our Joel, picture attached.  (By
    the way, Joel survived, but the bus looked the worse for wear…)

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