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The White Seal

In 1974, Chuck Jones brought to life the story of Kotick, the white seal, while a vice-president in charge of children’s programming at ABC.  This television special was based on the story of survival and perseverance of a group of seals living in the Bering Straits.  The original tale is by Rudyard Kipling and can be found in his collection* of stories, “The Jungle Book”.   Chuck Jones also recreated for television two other Kipling tales, “Rikki Tikki Tavi” 1975 and “Mowgli’s Brothers” 1976.  This image below is a recreation by lithography of an original production cel and background used in the film and later featured on the cover of the book based on the television special “The White Seal”. 

LITHO-142 copy

*From “Chuck Amuck” by Chuck Jones:  “We always had books in the house we lived in.  We not only had books, we had books (old or new) that were fresh to us.  The way it worked was this: a house in those days of the early twenties had books.  Incredible as it seems, that’s what people did: they read.  We didn’t have a phonograph until I was twelve, a radio until I was seventeen, or television until I was forty-six.

“So that left books.  When you rented a furnished house, it was equipped with furniture and books.  …Father would scout around for a furnished house.  “Furnished” in his lexicon meant furnished with books, hundreds being mandatory, thousands being preferable.  Colonel Terhune’s big house on the Speedway in Ocean Park had thousands of books, as did Times editor Harry Carr’s place on Mount Washington Drive, so the six or seven or eight of our family stayed in each house for over five years, until we had exhausted the supply,  a sort of omnivorous plague of indiscriminate readers.” 


Chuck Jones Image of the Day: Mowgli’s Brothers

During his tenure as vice-president in charge of children's programming at ABC television, Jones produced and directed three half-hour television specials based on stories from Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book". In 1973, the story of a young boy raised by wolves in the jungle, premiered to immediate acclaim.  Narrated by Roddy McDowall, Mowgli learns about the love, justice and the jungle code of loyalty.  

MOBR-03-025 copy
Early storyboard by Jones with a nascent Mowgli in the upper right corner.

MOBR-04-002 copy
Pre-production model sketch of Mowgli by Chuck Jones.  You can begin to see how Jones is determining the character and personality of Mowgli through his use of the drawn line.

MOBR-04-278 copy
Production layout drawing by Chuck Jones.  Providing hundreds of layout drawings for each of the films he directed, Jones here has clearly defined the character of Mowgli and establishes the model from which the animator's created the mood and movement of each scene.  


Image of the Day: The White Seal

Limited edition lithograph, created from original art by Chuck Jones for the opening credits of his 1974 animated television special, "The White Seal."  Based on a story from Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book" it tells the tale of a white seal, Kotick, who saves his herd by finding an island where seals would be safe from their enemy, man.