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“Daffy Dilly” by Chuck Jones

In this 1948 short cartoon directed by Chuck Jones, Daffy Duck is first seen as a down-on-his-luck peddler peddling (that is what peddlers do, they peddle) gags on a street corner in a busy metropolis, when he overhears a radio report about a dying gazillionaire (my word) who would pay anyone a million dollars if they could only make him laugh before he passes on to his great reward.  

At the blog, What About Thad?, the author, Thad Komorowski, who, by the way, is a great source of knowledge about animated films, has written an interesting article on the short, "Daffy Dilly" delving into the relationship each of Jones' animators had with the Warner Bros. characters, Daffy particularly, their drawing strengths, and Jones's use of their talents.   He has also posted an excellent copy of the cartoon, which I think all of you will agree is a perfect example of how Chuck Jones's work with the character of Daffy is so different from that of the other directors (Freleng and McKimson, particularly.)

Click here to read the article and watch the cartoon.  Enjoy!