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AMPAS to Screen All Nine of Chuck Jones’ Nominated & Winning Short Films

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced today that on Friday, August 20 at 7:30 PM they will present a screening of Chuck Jones' nine Oscar-nominated (and 3 winners) short films.  This is presented in conjunction with the final days of the exhibition "Chuck Jones: An Animator's Life From A to Z-Z-Z-Z" that closes on August 22. 

Tickets for the screening are just $5.00 for the general public and are available online.  Click here for more information.

Bill Plympton at the Chuck Jones Gallery

Animation legend (and Indie film bad boy) Bill Plympton made the scene at the Chuck Jones Gallery, San Diego, on Friday evening, July 23rd.  Fresh off a full day of seminars and screenings at the 2010 Comic Con, Bill was the picture of graciousness, greeting and meeting and speaking with hundreds of his fans that joined the gallery in welcoming this artistic iconoclast to San Diego and his first-ever gallery show.

IMG_6605 (Medium) 

Animation legend Bill Plympton exhibits some of the same enthusiasm as his character does in his over-the-top hilarious animated short film "The Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger." 

IMG_6609 (Medium) 

Plymptom adds his imprimatur to an original drawing from his animated short film "Hot Dog."

IMG_6650 (Medium) 

At times throughout the evening, Bill would stop the proceedings and a short film would be popped into the DVD player and everyone would stop what they were doing and watch the film with Plympton commentary running along with his mostly silent films (they do have the occasional squeal, howl, laughter, weeping & splats.) 

IMG_6708 (Medium) 

Bill Plympton explains a bit of animation to a film crew from Canada. 

IMG_6735 (Medium) 

Happiness is a gallery full of collectors and fans!

IMG_6751 (Medium) 

The Chuck Jones Gallery staff with Bill Plympton: from left Bob Parker, Scott Dicken, Joel Shapiro, Plympton, Erin Liddell, Carla Miramontes, Mike Dicken, Katy Easland, and Chris Scardino. 

IMG_6771 (Medium)

Plympton pauses during the festivities to get a hug from documentary director and producer of the soon-to-be-released documentary "Plymptoons", Alexia Anastasio, and Craig "Spike" Decker of the world famous "Spike and Mike's Animation Festivals."