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Photography Workshop Added to Chuck Jones Big Draw

Creativity with a Camera and A Photographer's Life will be the focus of noted Orange County professional photographers, Stephanie Adriana and Val Westover, as they lead a series of special seminars for devotees of the camera (13 yrs. and up) at this Sunday's Chuck Jones Big Draw.  

We interrupt this program to bring you this important announcement!

This just in: FREE admission to the Chuck Jones Big Draw between 1 and 2 PM.  Help us break a Guinness World Record for the largest art class held in one venue and learn how to draw Bugs Bunny from Chuck Jones!

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

Stephanie Adriana

Stephanie Adriana's award-winning work can be found in Cowboys and Indians magazine, covers and articles for Ladera Ranch Magazine, Coto de Caza Quarterly, Wrangler Magazine, as well as displayed in hotels, restaurants and homes around the country. Stephanie also enjoys photographing destination and celebrity weddings, modeling headshots, boudoir, engagement and family portraiture.

"Life is so beautiful to me, I am constantly awed and inspired by the beauty that surrounds me, so much so that all I want to do is "Capture that moment in time Forever" with my camera.  I am terribly distracted by color! I'm overwhelmed by the desire to capture it as I see it, brights, darks, brilliant hues and rich tones…. in all of their glory! Some times the beauty of a scene or situation completely captivates me and I'm compelled to photograph it until I've captured it perfectly. What an awful affliction to have!"   Click on Stephanie's photo above to see her portfolio.

Val Westover

Val Westover is a speaker, author, photographic educator and photographer. His clients come from all walks of life, from the girl next door to the celebrity superstar and everyone in between. He has been privileged to shoot some   incredible weddings and portrait sessions, meeting some amazing people.    
For over two decades, Val has pioneered his unmistakable style, influencing many photographers. He was the district manager for one of the nation’s largest portrait studios, and for over seven years was personally responsible for the training and development of hundreds of photographers. Val opened his own studio in 1994, and his portrait work can be found in homes all over the world.
Photographers come from all over the country to learn how to “photograph like a pro”. Val offers a variety of photography workshops and is available for private   one-on-one coaching, incredible destination photography expeditions and professional business consultations.
Val has a gift in bringing out the true personality of anyone, especially children. Posed or photojournalistic portraits, Val captures warmth, happiness, laughter and love.  To view Val's portfolio, click on his photo above.


To learn more about their programs, click on Capturing True Emotion.  

The Chuck Jones Big Draw is thrilled to have the participation of these two very talented photographers on Sunday, August 7, 11 AM to 5 PM at South Coast Collection (next to Paul Mitchell), 3303 Hyland Avenue, Costa Mesa, California.  To register, visit EventComplete.com.  

Explore Your Creativity from the Chuck Jones Side of Your Brain!

Bugs at drawing table cjcc

Explore the spirit of legendary animation director Chuck Jones this summer with three very special programs at the world-famous Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, California!  Each seminar will meet on a Wednesday in August (3rd, 10th, 17th) from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM at the museum, 2002 N. Main Street (just south of the 5) in Santa Ana.  Tickets for all three seminars are $50.00 for members and $80.00 for non-members.  Individual sessions are $20.00 members and $30.00 non-members.  

The first seminar, "Embracing the Line, Facing the Lion", will be led by Marian Jones, a gifted photographer, artist, and writer.   As the late Chuck Jones' beloved wife and creative co-conspirator, Marian will share insights into Chuck's imagination–and help you explore and learn to trust your own unique creativity!

According to Chuck Jones, "failure as success" is just one of several great contradictions of creative endeavors. In this seminar, learn the "grammar" of drawing – learn to control the line, not the other way around! Session includes viewing of short cartoons and clips from Chuck Jones interviews, as well as a lively discussion of what "success" really means.

This session will include a presentation of several of Chuck Jones's cartoons plus a hands-on art project for participants.  

The second seminar, "Bringing Life to the Characters: Its the Oddities that Count!", presented by Linda Jones Clough, Chuck's daughter and sole focus of Chuck's fatherly affection.  She is an innovative and skilled entrepreneur and producer who has found success both on her own and working with her late father (look her up on IMDB and be dazzled.) 

Whether you draw, write, or tell stories, what allows you to bring what you imagine to life?  What makes cartoon characters so believable?  This seminar uses Chuck Jones films and sketches to demonstrate the astonishing things that can be done with seemingly lifeless, inanimate objects. Each participant in this seminar will draw, describe, or create an original character–and find genuine inspiration along the way.

For the third and final session, "The Pencil, the Computer, Children and Creativity" you'll join Craig Kausen, grandson of Chuck Jones, Chairman of the Board of Trustees (and a founding member) of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, as he shares his own personal perspective on the life of the imagination.

Whether we work with the oldest or the newest tools, the human touch is an absolutely essential component of creativity. This seminar highlights the Chuck Jones brand of character study:  how to harness the most subtle details of human and animal movement to bring your creations to life. Everyone participating in this highly interactive seminar will discuss which tools to use, and why, and will leave with tips on fostering children's (and adults') natural enthusiasm for creating art.   It will also include an art project for participants.  

But wait! To wrap up this series of imaginative and fun programs (in a bright shiny bow) will be a Chuck Jones Film Festival hosted by Craig Kausen on Sunday, July 28th, from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM.  Starring all of your favorite cartoon characters, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner, it will be a not-to-be-missed event at the Bowers!  

For more information, please email education@bowers.org , call 714.567.3677, or visit the Bowers website.