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William Shatner to Appear at Chuck Jones Gallery—San Diego

Actor, Author Will Be Special Guest during Comic Con Int’l 2015

Presenting Artwork from His “Man O’ War” Cinematic Graphic Novel

The Chuck Jones Gallery will also host receptions for #SuperArtists Mike Kungl, Fabio Napoleoni, Rob Kaz, Rodel Gonzalez, Chuck Jones, and Girls Drawin’ Girls! 

San Diego: William Shatner, remembered for his iconic role as Captain James T. Kirk in the television series “Star Trek”, will be the special guest of the Chuck Jones Gallery in San Diego on Saturday, July 11 from 8 to 10 PM, RSVP required, announced Scott Dicken, VP of Retail for Linda Jones Enterprises, the gallery’s parent company. The gallery will be premiering artwork from Shatner’s latest creative endeavor, the Cinematic Graphic Novel™ interpretation of his science fiction novel “Man O’ War”. The gallery is located at 232 Fifth Avenue, across from the Hard Rock Hotel and a half-block from the San Diego Convention Center.

“I’m doing something so new and so exciting,” says William Shatner.  “We’re doing illustrated novels in an absolutely new way, something that has essentially never been done before.” The Cinematic Graphic Novel format delivers a groundbreaking form of digital comics that combines moving panels, a new stylistic dimension in animation, in-story sound effects and a music soundtrack to usher in an enhanced reading experience. William Shatner’s Man O’ War is the first licensed property to receive the Cinematic Graphic Novel™ treatment developed by LNL Partners and Panelfly.

William Shatner photographed by Manfred Baumann

William Shatner photographed by Manfred Baumann

The official adaptation of William Shatner’s Man O’ War: Cinematic Graphic Novel is a 16-chapter taut, action-filled drama of a controversial ambassador sent to negotiate peace between workers at a Martian mining colony and the corporation that owns their lives. Its flawed but charismatic hero, Benton Hawkes, confronts corrupt powerbrokers, political assassination, clandestine relationships and dangerous exploration and investigation on a depleted Earth and a powder-keg Mars.

“Showcasing Shatner at his best, William Shatner’s Man O’ War: Cinematic Graphic Novel features humanistic storytelling based on his more than 50 years of performance and his lifetime of understanding power and people.  A lifelong fan of comics, Mr. Shatner has actively worked on projects in this field and has had an ongoing vision to advance the medium with technological enhancements. “With the surge of popularity for mobile devices, and with new devices in the pipeline, he believes the time is ripe to introduce a new product channel into the market – and we are thrilled to be part of his vision,” said Mariano Nicieza, LNL Partners Co-Owner.

Collectors who acquire artwork from William Shatner’s Man O’ War cinematic graphic novel from the Chuck Jones Gallery will be given priority access to meet Mr. Shatner on Saturday evening. Other restrictions may apply. Contact the gallery for full details 888-294-9880 or write SanDiego@ChuckJones.com.

The Chuck Jones Gallery is also pleased to announce its Comic Con 2015 calendar of events and #SuperArtists Line-Up:

–Wednesday, July 8, from 7 to 9 PM, RSVP Required: Premiering artwork from the video game Mortal Kombat IX and Mortal Kombat X. Mortal Kombat is one of the most popular video games ever produced. Its combination of intricate storytelling and gruesome battles has drawn legions of fans around the world. The artwork will represent both the battlegrounds and the stars of the series.

Aztec Courtyard, art from Mortal Kombat X by Marcel Van Vuuren and Atomhawk

Aztec Courtyard, art from Mortal Kombat X by Marcel Van Vuuren and Atomhawk

Also this evening, the Gallery will be introducing new artwork by Rob Kaz and Rodel Gonzalez based on the movie franchise, Star Wars. Mr. Kaz and Mr. Gonzalez will be our #SuperArtists on Wednesday, July 8, from 7 to 9 PM.

Star Wars art by Rodel Gonzalez and Rob Kaz

Star Wars art by Rodel Gonzalez and Rob Kaz

–Thursday, July 9, from 7 to 9 PM, RSVP Required: “What’s Pin-up, Doc” an evening devoted to Chuck Jones and Girls Drawin’ Girls. Featuring artwork inspired by Chuck Jones and created by Jennifer Llewellyn, Kate Ferguson, Megan Kelly, Mako Fufu, Joanna Davidovich, Yating Sun, Arie Monroe, Penelope Gaylord, and Heather Chavez. A portion of proceeds of sales this evening will benefit the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and Girls Drawin’ Girls.

"Convention Dress Code" by Mako Fufu

“Convention Dress Code” by Mako Fufu

–Friday, July 10, from 7 to 9 PM, RSVP Required: “The Chase Is Over”, an evening with Fabio Napoleoni. One of the breakout art stars of the new millennium and our #SuperArtist of the evening, Napoleoni continues to enchant collectors around the globe. The gallery will premier “The Chase Is Over”, Fabio’s latest homage to Chuck Jones, starring the irrepressible Pepé le Pew and his intended paramour, Penelope. Included in the exhibition will be original paintings; rare, sold-out limited editions, and exclusives to the Chuck Jones Gallery. The artist will be signing and dedicating artwork purchased that evening.

The Chase Is Over by Fabio Napoleoni

The Chase Is Over by Fabio Napoleoni

–Saturday, July 11, from 5 to 7:30 PM, RSVP Required: “Fast and Blast” a reception for the Art Deco-inspired #SuperArtist, Mike Kungl. His love of all things Looney Tunes continues to challenge and inspire him and this year we are pleased to present his latest paintings celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Chuck Jones Gallery as well as original drawings and limited editions. 

"Fast" and "Blast" by Mike Kungl

“Fast” and “Blast” by Mike Kungl

About the Gallery: The Chuck Jones Gallery is the only gallery in San Diego devoted to the art of the animated film, representing not only the work of its namesake, four-time Academy Award recipient and legendary animation director and creator, Chuck Jones, but also art work by Dr. Seuss and all animation studios. Included in the ongoing gallery exhibits are original paintings and fine art editions by artists such as Mike Kungl, Bob Elias, Mike Peraza, Eric Goldberg, and Fabio Napoleoni. The gallery is open seven days a week from 10 to 8 PM, except on Sunday when they close at 6 PM. The gallery website is at ChuckJones.com.

Art images available upon request.