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Chuck Jones Big Draw = Big Hit!

Yesterday, the inaugural Chuck Jones Big Draw got off with a big bang as over 200 children and adults filled the Irvine Marriott's Tuscany Ballroom for a day of magical thinking, drawing, painting, building, creating, and inspiring!  Held from 10 AM to 2:30 PM, the Chuck Jones Big Draw was the perfect way for a family to spend a Sunday together.  Not only did the young children immediately immerse themselves in their artistic endeavors, but their parents and their older siblings (teenagers!) did too.  There was so much concentration going you could here a brush stroke the canvas.

DSC_5713 (Large)
Craig Kausen (left), grandson of Chuck Jones and the chairman of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity was on hand to extend his "bravo!" and "well done!" to these creative geniuses.  

DSC_5941 (Large)
Friend of the Center and muralist (and actor), James C. Mulligan contributed his amazing talents, creating a marvelous portrait of two of Chuck Jones's iconic cartoon characters, Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner.  Not only did he develop the layout (a triptych–three separate panels), but he also guided our young guests as they helped him paint the image (below).

DSC_5680 (Large)
Even the youngest among us had fun at the iPad station.  This two year-old was drawing & painting all sorts of wonderful images (trees were his favorite).  His father told me that he would correct their use of the computer, he was that savvy.  Youth today!

DSC_5710 (Large)
Artist Bob Elias (below) spent the day demonstrating his technique on two new canvases featuring cartoon characters brought to life by the inimitable Chuck Jones.  P.S.  Bob's been surfing all of his life and if you look closely you'll see a little surf culture in his use of paint and how he applies it to the canvas.  

DSC_5932 (Large)
One of the highlights of the Chuck Jones Big Draw was the performance painting that Trevor Carlton and Steven Reis created to music in 20 minutes!  Trevor (pictured below left) is one of the fine artists working with a variety of studios and Steven is a storyboard artist on "The Simpsons".  

DSC_5838 (Large)
You couldn't have walked into the room without noticing that the energy level was vibrating with positive, encouraging inspiration.  It was a truly creative day.  Before their performance, Steven spent an hour or so with anyone who was interested, guiding and encouraging and drawing and mentoring.

DSC_5628 (Large)
But of all the happy faces I saw yesterday, this young lady's sums up the day best:

DSC_5693 (Large)
All photos courtesy Stephen Russo.