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Newly Discovered Photographs of Chuck Jones

As we prepare for the opening of the Chuck Jones Experience at Circus Circus in Las Vegas, we've been going through the archive and have recently discovered some really wonderful photographs of Chuck Jones that haven't been published before and we thought it would be fun to share them with you.


A corner of Chuck's home studio, circa 1980s.  Please note that creativity does not take a holiday.

Untitled-25 (Large) copy
Chuck Jones holds a leopard cub at the San Diego Zoo, circa 1960s.  He loved going to the zoo with his sketch book and would oftentimes get a "back of the zoo" tour to get up close and personal with the animals.  

CJ TOWER 12 2 (Large) copy
Publicity photo of Chuck Jones at Tower 12 in Hollywood, circa 1960s.  This is the office with the sign on the front door that read: Chuck Jones Productions, We Make Fine Acmes.

Image of the Day: Nice Kitty

The Chuck Jones mantra, instilled in him at an early age at Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles was, "you have 100,000 bad drawings in you, start getting rid of them now."  And toward that end, Jones, each and every day, drew, almost constantly.  Whether he was on the phone, having breakfast, sitting at the beach, having lunch at his favorite restaurant; there rarely was a moment when he wasn't drawing.  

These three sketches of big cats may have been done at the San Diego Zoo (a favorite destination for him) or judging by the fact that two of the drawings are on MGM animation paper, it may be that he was at the Los Angeles Zoo.  Wherever they occurred, Jones trademark economy of line distills the character and personality of each of these three big cats; whether in repose or leaping at you, each one exhibits what Chuck deemed most important: they are believable.  

SKCA-01-015 copy

SKCA-01-018 copy

SKCA-01-001 copy