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“Sheep Ahoy!” Classic Layout Drawings Featured at Exhibit

"Hello Sam," "Hello Ralph,"  and so begins the adventures (and misadventures) of Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog, friends and neighbors who when not at work (trying to steal sheep, guarding said sheep from theft) you can almost imagine might share a pint at the local pub and reminisce about days gone by.  

These wonderful layout drawings by Chuck Jones for his 1954 "Sheep Ahoy" short animated film will be part of an exhibit of rare original production art and ephemera at Art Partners Gallery in Schaumburg, Illinois, opening Saturday February 5th.  Craig Kausen, Jones's grandson and Chairman of the Board of Chuck Jones Center for Creativity will be the special guest.  He'll share anecdotes and stories about growing up with Chuck Jones with those assembled Saturday evening, beginning at 7:30 PM.  For more information about the exhibit, please call Art Partners Gallery at 847-517-5757.

SHAH-01-001 copy

SHAH-01-002 copy



Image of the Day: A Sheep in the Deep

SHDE-01-008 copy

A color model drawing from the Chuck Jones 1962 "A Sheep in the Deep," co-directed by Maurice Noble with animation by Tom Ray, Ken Harris, Richard Thompson and Bob Bransford; assistant layout by Corny Cole (now teaching at CalArts in Valencia, see below.)

Linda Jones Cornelius Cole 

Linda Jones Clough (Chuck Jones' daughter) with Cornelius 'Corny' Cole at a reception for Bob Kurtz in September of 2006.