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Blackwing Experience Opens with a “What’s Up, Doc?”

The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity was the scene last night for the opening gala of the Blackwing Experience. Charles Berlozheimer and his wife, Ginger, founders of the Blackwing Foundation and sixth generation pencil-makers were on hand to greet arriving guests.

DSC05150In addition to the Berlozheimer’s, guests were greeted by a quote from Blackwing 602 pencil devotee, Chuck Jones, “The rules are simple: take your work, but never yourself, seriously. Pour in the love and whatever skill you have, and it will come out.” Every guest picked up a Blackwing 602 or a Blackwing Pearl pencil on their way in, because…DSC05147…there were creativity stations scattered throughout the Center. From camera lucidas to song-writing, from pictionary to photo ops, guests had the opportunity to express themselves while nibbling on amazing hors d’oeuvres from 24 Carrots Catering.DSC05163One of many highlights of the evening was the launch of the new ChuckJones.com website. Created by the awesome team at Gigasavvy. Shown here from left: Sven Johnston, SVP Business Development at Gigasavvy; Corey Mangold, Co-founder of Gigasavvy with his fiancee, Erin; and far right, Craig Kausen, Chairman of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and Chuck Jones’s grandson. The new website, when it leaps out of beta mode (soon, soon, we promise!) will be one of the most creative and exciting shopping destinations on the internet. Chuck Redux may be biased, but we are not over-promising!

DSC05162Another special treat of the evening was Stephen Reis, storyboard artist for the longest running sitcom on television, “The Simpsons”. Reis, center, shown here with Ann Tanner and her husband, Joel, one of the co-founders of Gigasavvy. Stephen was kind enough to spend the evening at one of Chuck’s animation desks drawing “Simpsons” characters for those assembled. Thank you for your generous spirit, Stephen!

DSC05180The Blackwing Experience wouldn’t be the astounding event it is without the creative talents of art director, Lesli Scott, seen here with the Center’s Robert Patrick. How do you spell “CREATIVE”? L-e-s-l-i!

DSC05156And speaking of behind-the-scenes talent (we were, you know) Grant Christensen, right, the director of business development for Pencils.com and Palomino Brands, the companies behind the Blackwing Experience, was on hand to make sure all of the parts fell together before the gala kicked off. He’s shown here with landscape artist Diane Wright, and Mahlon, the Pencils.com wholesale point person.

DSC05170Artists Joseph Yakovetic, left, and Robert Delgadillo (AKA Radboy).

DSC05168Chuck Jones “Homage” artist and surfer, Bob Elias.

DSC05171Henri Duong, Project Manager at Gigasavvy, with his friend, Kimberly, show off their artistic sides.

DSC05174The always entertaining Wayne Todd, PBS SoCal art director and volunteer community ambassador for the Chuck Jones Center (AKA Jester McCool), shown here with Chuck Jones Gallery art consultant, Carol Erickson, left, and Sasha Advani, Program Administrator for the Center (who is tireless.)

DSC05175Rogue’s gallery from left: Kyle Johnston, VP Online Marketing at Gigasavvy with Joel Tanner and Craig Kausen.

DSC05186Somewhere in the middle of the evening–or was toward the end? Who can remember?–Craig Kausen took the microphone and welcomed everyone to the Blackwing Experience; he introduced Corey Mangold of Gigasavvy (below) as well as Charles Berlozheimer of Blackwing (2nd photo below.) All-in-all it was a lovely evening celebrating the creative spirit, especially the spirit as embodied in the simple object of a pencil. Huzzah to the Blackwing 602!




Drop In and Draw at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity

Linda at SoCo drop n draw
After spending the morning cleaning out the garage, Linda Jones Clough, daughter of Chuck Jones and trustee of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, needed to do something 'creative' so she made her way over to the Center's new space at South Coast Collection in Costa Mesa for the Saturday morning, "Drop In and Draw" led by the Center's teaching artist, Christopher Scardino. 

Most Saturday mornings you'll find the Center set-up for drawing with all sorts of materials with which to express your creativity; pencils, craypas, glitter & glue, crayons, colored pencils, marker pens, ink pens, and plenty of paper. The Center's talented teaching artist, Christopher Scardino, will guide you and your children to new heights of creativity.

Find your creative genius on Saturdays from 10 AM to 1 PM at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, 3321 Hyland Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA. A nominal donation to cover the costs of materials is suggested. For more information, email Pam Marsden, Program Director, Pam@ChuckJonesCenter.org. 

The Blackwing Experience Panel Discussion, April 18th

Craig Kausen, Chairman of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, will be participating in a panel discussion at the Art Director's Club in New York on Wednesday, April 18 from 7 to 9 PM. Joining him will be internationally acclaimed artist Maira Kalman, New Yorker editor Blake Eskin, and president and CEO of Cal Cedar Charles Berlozheimer. The discussion will be moderated by award-winning visual artist, Rich Tu. Topics will include the process of creativity, how the medium used affects originality, and what it means to pick up a pencil in the digital age. 

Attendance at this event is via RSVP only. The Art Director's Club–New York is located at 106 W. 29th St. Click on the image below to go to the website or email Blackwing@streetattack.com. 

Panel discussion