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Image of the Day: Chuck Jones on the Cover of Newport Beach [714]

Craig (Chuck's grandson) and I were talking today about Chuck (as we do) and we zeroed in on this cover of Newport Beach [714] and Craig said it was shortly after this photo shoot that Chuck moved his studio to the offices of Chuck Jones Enterprises in Costa Mesa and that the painting of Daffy that you see on the easel was one of the last paintings Chuck painted in that studio (February, 1993.)


CJOIL036 copy

Image of the Day: Life Drawings — Men

GICLEE-22 copy

As mentioned in previous posts, throughout his life, Chuck Jones studied the human form, either independently or in formal life drawing classes.  The image of the man (above) is a mixed media (charcoal and chalk on paper) from a life drawing class Jones participated in the 1950s.  The oil painting below is also from the 1950s and exhibits all of the hallmarks of Jones' signature style and graphic genius. 

Man-low res copy

Image of the Day: Untitled Watercolor (Two Stagehands)

CJFAM-352 copy

Untitled watercolor and ink on paper (Two Stagehands) by Chuck Jones, 11" x 14", circa late 1950s.  Although Chuck Jones is known primarily for his work in animation, he was also a serious and respected fine artist.  Classically schooled in such exacting artistic mediums as oil painting and watercolor, both of which he was a master, Jones was an avid chronicler of his real life, travels, friends and family throughout his long life.  This watercolor captures a moment on a soundstage (perhaps on the Warner Bros. lot) where two of the stagehands are caught watching the action unfold out of our field of vision.  Their posture and attitude is sublimely conveyed by Jones' inimitable handling of the medium as well as his elegant and simple line work. 

You may view more of Chuck Jones fine art series, "Incognito" by clicking here.

Image of the Day: 14 Carrot Offering


Gentlemen!  Consider the following Valentine's Day advice from Chuck Jones:

"Hand kissing.  This is something I took up when I realized its character and intent.  A girl is a continuing thing, and it isn't because the hand-bone is connected to the arm-bone is connected to the head-bone.  The skin of a girl's hand is connected by direct route and direct wire to her lips, the hand is  like holding the end of a lariat, the business part is at the end.  So when the continental gallant kisses a girl's hand he is in effect saying what every woman wants to hear: 'I'd like to kiss your lips.' Shaking hands is just silly, whoever heard of shaking lips."  –Chuck Jones, Stroke of Genius, A Collection of Paintings & Musings on Life, Love & Art by Chuck Jones.  

14 Carrot Offering is a fine art stone lithograph, hand-pulled, one color at a time at the prestigious American Atelier in an edition of 350 examples, each hand-signed by the artist in pencil.  It was created from an original oil painting by Chuck Jones who, in turn, was inspired by a painting by Marc Chagall.

Image of the Day: Cuddly as a Cactus


The Grinch is a character of mean spirit and questionable mores who moves with a hip-rolling swagger, a wicked gleam in his eye.  His character, immortalized in book, song and film (pre-1967,) is archetypically one of the great green Grinches of all time.  

Cuddly as a Cactus, a limited edition fine art print on canvas, has been created from an original oil painting by Chuck Jones.  Painted circa 1996, Cuddly as a Cactus flaunts, through color, the character's moral flaws (various shades of green and yellow) while simultaneously juxtaposing those against the fresh pure colors of a first snow (white, lavender and blue.)  Chuck Jones' classical art education comes to the forefront of this painting as he revels in texture, brushstroke and color; bringing us a fully rendered iconic individual.

"You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch/You really are a heel/You're as cuddly as a cactus/You're as charming as an eel/Mr. Grinch!"