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Image of the Day: High Note

HINO-01-1 copy

Chuck Jones’ 1962 Academy Award-nominated short
animated film, “High Note” is an excellent example of his seamless melding of
abstract graphic designs and animation with story and personality.  The attempt by the notes to play “The Blue
Danube” is disrupted by one quarter note that has been partying in “The Little
Brown Jug” a little too frequently. 

HINO-01-3 copy
Note” set the stage for Jones Academy Award-winning 1966 short film “The Dot
and the Line” as it married abstract thought with his innate sense of timing,
story & character.   It’s interesting
to note that “High Note” and “Now Hear This” are both Oscar-nominated (one year
after the other.)  The Academy obviously
saw something growing here that finally blossomed (and won) with “The Dot and
the Line.”