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Image of the Day: A Very Merry Cricket

VEME-02-001 copy

Original mixed media model drawing of the Connecticut Cat by Chuck Jones for his 1973 television special, "A Very Merry Cricket."  The sequel to his "A Cricket in Times Square" (original book by George Selden), "A Very Merry Cricket" finds our intrepid heroes Tucker Mouse (voiced by Mel Blanc) and Harry the Cat (voiced by Les Tremayne) off to Connecticut to find their friend, the musically-gifted cricket, Chester.  The final Christmas montage of the film is cited by many to be some of Chuck's finest post-Warner Bros. work, see for yourself and let us know if you agree:


Image of the Day: The Hands of Chuck Jones

Artists' hands are a tool as much as the pencil, brush, or mouse are and they reveal much about the artist's personality and character just in the way they hold their instrument, or touch the paper, even in a still image such as this one of Chuck Jones at his drawing table in his home studio. 

Chucks Hands-001 copy 

When you see Chuck Jones' hands, the left holding the paper in place, the right with his favored pencil (the Eberhard Faber Blackwing 602, no longer in production) it's easy to imagine that you hear the gentle scratch of lead on paper, and witness the brisk, sure movement of his hand delineating the character of Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny as surely as someone who completely understands their motivations, personality tics and eccentricities as he does his own.