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Inspiration Strikes Twice! The Red Dot Auction Update

It says a lot when artists that don’t know each other and live across the country from each other both decide to contribute a canvas to the Red Dot Auction and draw as their inspiration not only on the genius of Chuck Jones, but also compose their work based on the illustrious and amazing Norman Rockwell and his triple self-portrait! Holy cow! Now, if that doesn’t make you want to join in the fun of the Red Dot Auction, I don’t know what will! Pre-bidding begins at Heritage Auctions, www.HA.com, on Friday, April 10 and the silent auction closes Friday evening, May 1st, at our gala fundraiser, the Red Dot Auction. Tickets, just $25 per, are available online at: https://delectus-3598.ticketbud.com/red-dot-auction-2015.

Canvas 014

Canvas 021

A Plethora of Pussyfoots: The Red Dot Auction Update

Canvas 100Couldn’t you just “plotz” from the cuteness? Pussyfoot is very popular this year at the Red Dot Auction; pictured are three examples from three different artists. Which one(s) will you go home with on Friday, May 1st? Tickets are just $25 per person and available by clicking here or any of the images. Be there or be square, meow!

Canvas 125
Canvas 101

Exclusive Opportunity for Fans of Chuck Jones

We appreciate our loyal readers, fans and collectors and are thrilled to be able to offer you an exclusive opportunity through Bloomspot.  What is Bloomspot, you may well be asking right now; like Groupon, they offer a variety of restaurant, retail and relaxation specials.  Because of the quality of their offerings, we felt it was the perfect place to release these specials.  You'll be able to buy a $100.00 gift certificate for $45.00; one of our latest Chuck Jones fine art etchings for $95.00 (a $195.00 value) or even the 26 color, hand-pulled serigraph, "Spring Training" at an amazing price.  

To view the artwork being offered, please click on Bloomspot!  Happy Holidays from all of us here at Chuck Redux!


"Marc Anthony & Kitty" a fine art etching, edition size 500.  © Warner Bros. 2011

Marc Anthony and the Chuck Jones “Look”


"Marc Anthony 1951" a hand-painted 16 field cel art edition by Chuck Jones.  Click on the image for more details.  

Marc Anthony, the bulldog from Chuck Jones's 1952 short animated cartoon, "Feed the Kitty" is best known for the complex emotions that pass across his face as he tries to keep his new friend, Pussyfoot, from danger.  Drawing these emotions challenged the director and in the video clip, you'll hear him discuss how he came to have an understanding of the character's motivations and how to express them graphically.  


Image of the Day: Feline Frame-up

FEFR-01-001 copy

Original layout drawing (graphite on two-hole punch 12 field animation paper) by Chuck Jones for his 1954 short animated film, "Feline Frame-Up."  Starring Marc Anthony, the bulldog helplessly in love with a little kitten, and pitting him against the evil Claude Cat.  Bow-wowing in theaters on February 13th, it ends with Claude Cat's (you do get the pun, right?) confession and removal from the house.