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The POP Sensibility of Shelby & Sandy

Brother artists, Shelby and Sandy Murphy, AKA Shelby & Sandy, made the pages of the culture section of Vogue Mexico this month.  The Chuck Jones Gallery is pleased to present the work of this dynamic duo–yes, they’re super-human artists extraordinaire.


Their vibrantly hued over-sized canvases thrum to the zeitgeist; provocative, thrilling, humorous, playful, and beautifully executed, each work changes the way you view contemporary art.

Their list of celebrity clients spans the gamut of today’s stars of screen and music–so exclusive is it, that we’re unable to publish their names.

Shelby, left, and Sandy, right, flank Chuck Jones Gallery president, Craig Kausen, in their spotless studio space in downtown Los Angeles.

Shelby, left, and Sandy, right, flank Chuck Jones Gallery president, Craig Kausen, in their spotless studio space in downtown Los Angeles.

Shelby and Sandy combine their energies and personalities so seamlessly, that one begins a sentence or brush stroke, and the other finishes it. The resulting works of art are imbued with the positive psychic energy of these two young painters. “We will work on a painting until every color is correct, every line is crisp,” Shelby continues, “until we deem it a success. Each painting is a complete 50/50 collaboration.”

Stripes and plaid in the artists' studio.

Stripes and plaid in the artists’ studio.

Collectors have taken note of their talent. Their original works grace the homes and collections of a bevy of established and up-and-coming Hollywood and music industry talent: Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, Zac Efron, Sean Kingston, Rob Dyrdek, and Rachel Zoe to name but a few of the young creative talent that have fallen in love with the work of Shelby and Sandy. Their international collectors include those living in Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other locations around the globe.

The brothers have created work for movies, including the recent Warner Bros. release, “We Are Your Friends”; advertising campaigns for Sperry Top-Sider and Red Bull, and are represented in the corporate collections of the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas, along with CHOC (Children’s Hospital Orange County), Creative Artists Agency, and Holsteins at South Coast Plaza.

"Pirate Marvin" acrylic on canvas, 48" x 48" by Shelby & Sandy.

“Pirate Marvin” acrylic on canvas, 48″ x 48″ by Shelby & Sandy.

Currently, there is a five month waiting list for commissioned paintings by this dynamic duo. “We paint because it is our absolute favorite thing to do,” said Sandy, “nothing makes us happier than finishing a painting and showing it to the world.”

For more information about available art by Shelby and Sandy or details regarding private commissions, contact a Chuck Jones Gallery art consultant.

SanDiego@ChuckJones.com | SantaFe@ChuckJones.com | CostaMesa@ChuckJones.com

Dodger Great Duke Snider Dies

SGGC008-1.Dodger clubhouse Duke Snider 1956
The Dodger's great outfielder, Duke Snider, 84, has died.  One of "the Boys of Summer" Snider helped the Brooklyn Dodgers to their only World Series win as well as six National League Championships.  Go here to read Mike Kupper's full obituary in a special to the Los Angeles Times.  

The photo above is a limited edition fine art reproduction on paper from the SPORT Magazine Collection and is titled "Dodger Clubhouse 1956" with the Duke of Flatbush in the foreground contemplating an upcoming game in the second season to the last the Dodgers played at Ebbets Field.  Click on the image for more details and to add to your collection.  

Chuck Jones and the California Watercolor Movement

We ran across this photograph the other day on our way to something else (as usually happens) and delighted in what it said about Chuck Jones' passion for drawing and painting every day of his life.

Chuck Ford Consul 1961
On May 1, 1960 we find Chuck Jones sitting on the back of his 1960 Ford Consul convertible (this car was made in England by Ford Motor Co. and sold in limited release in the U.S.) up in the high desert outside of Los Angeles with his watercolor paints in a tool kit as he contemplates a work-in-progress (or has he completed it?  We're not sure.)  Which put us in mind of two watercolors of the high desert vistas that he did complete: 

GICLEE151 copy

"Joshua Tree," a watercolor on paper (18" x 28") by Chuck Jones was completed around the same time as the photograph.  His classical training really shines through in a work such as this; his facility with the medium is without peer and reminiscent of the California watercolorists such as Phil Dike (who worked at one time for Walt Disney Studios) and Millard Sheets, both of whom taught at Chuck's alma mater, Chouinard Art Institute (now CalArts in Valencia.)

GICLEE-154 copy
"Storm Clouds" watercolor on paper (20" x 30") by Chuck Jones again indicates his familiarity with the California watercolor movement with its emphasis on color, form and the landscape of the state.  This movement was defined by a large format, expressive brush work and strong colors (you can read more about the movement by clicking here.)  You can see in both works how Jones used the white of the paper as a color and form, another attribute of the movement.  

Image of the Day: What’s Gnu?

Sometimes things happen for a reason.  If you've been following this blog, particularly the Image of the Day posts, you'll know that some of our favorite images by Chuck Jones are those done at the regional zoos, whether it was the Los Angeles Zoo in Griffith Park or the San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park or even the smaller Santa Ana Zoo in Orange County, Chuck Jones loved to draw animals (and homo sapiens!)  So, imagine our delight when today, poking around in a file we hadn't had our nose in before, we came across this terrific photo of Chuck speaking with a zoo keeper at the San Diego Zoo.  

Photo33 copy

But, of course, this post would not be complete without a drawing of a denizen of the zoo, so please welcome our 'gnu-est' addition to Jones' 'gnu'anced bestiary portraits, 'Gnu'dara Gnu from Gnu York (pen and ink, with brushwork, on sketch pad paper, 9" x 11" approx.)  

SKAN-01-034 copy

Image of the Day: Chuck Jones at Home on Tareco Drive

CJ Photo-1 72 dpi

Although Chuck Jones’ film credits identified him for more
than six decades as a director of Warner Bros. animated pictures, his stature
as a graphic artist is little recognized by the public.  In addition to the trying requirements of any
director unifying story, layouts, animation, music, dialogue, etc. into a
finished pictured, he was also personally instrumental in the graphic styling
of his pictures. 

CJ Photo-2 72 dpi 

Dedicated as he was to animation as the new graphic medium
of his time, Jones had never forgotten that drawing the land and people around
him was imperative to assure new ideas as to shape and color and design.  For many years, he drew and painted the human
figure and the landscape in search for new gesture and new expression.  This study is reflected in the freshness of
his professional work.

Steeped in an awareness of the importance of dramatics,
humor, action and rhythm in telling an animated story, he managed to instill
into his still drawings and paintings these same qualities.

CJ Photo-3 72 dpi 

Although many artists skilled in making still drawings have
enriched animation, seldom has an expert in animation contributed so much to
the great tradition of the still drawing. 
Here, caricature, an essential factor in all great art, has been exploited
on a high level.  Penetrating observation
reveals new and daring aspects of ordinary people and their actions.  Each drawing is a statement of an experience
and a venture into new graphic structure. 
Here, content and form are balanced to insure the intrinsic value of
each drawing and painting as a work of art.

CJ Photo-4 72 dpi 

As a classically trained artist at Chouinard Art Institute
in Los Angeles, Chuck Jones studied numerous techniques from graphite to oil
paint.  Throughout his life he continued
his classic arts education with drawing and painting masters classes; each
contributing to the evolution of his craft. 
He was passionate about drawing and painting, whether it be of the
famous characters he created and loved or a landscape, street scene, or
beautiful rendition of man, woman, or child. 

CJ Photo-5 72 dpi 

In the late 1950’s and early 1960s he had opportunity to
travel Europe with his wife Dorothy. 
During these visits he captured street scenes, whimsical anecdotes, and
memorable experiences through his mastery of the watercolor technique that
stand as some of the most remarkable creations of his extensive career.

CJ Photo-6 72 dpi

These photographs were taken at Chuck Jones' home on Tareco Drive in the Hollywood Hills, circa 1960.  To view art from the Chuck Jones Incognito collection, please click here.